10 Amazing Blue Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to coloring your bedroom, are you the type of person who would rather choose your favorite color- whatever that is, and not consider the shades that are known as helpful in falling asleep, or you would always choose something that is confirmed as beneficial and soothing for your own sleeping corner? If you belong in the second group, that you are in the right place. We are about to reveal the color that is without doubts considered as the best choice for your bedroom, yes, you guessed it- it is blue! Bedrooms are meant to be a stress-free place of comfort and relaxation, so painting them blue is the real thing. Evoking the sea and the skies, blue brings comfort and style in the space that’s cool, calm, and collected. Using shades of blue will give you a calm, relaxing and bright room that’s revitalizing to wake up in and soothing to go to sleep in. Blue also is said to help reduce blood pressure and heart rate, for more sound sleep, which makes it even more popular choice for a bedroom. Blue looks and feels good, so we collected some really nice blue bedroom designs, to inspire you and give you some sky and ocean-touched ideas for your sleeping kingdom. Enjoy!


Contemporary Blue Bedroom

spacious-blue-roomImage Credit: House  Beautiful

The minimalist design of this modern contemporary bedroom is making it look so fresh and breezy. On top of with you have those spacious windows and that breathtaking view, for an even more relaxing and soothing experience.


Stunning Blue Bedroom

blue-masculine-bedroom-designImage Credit: Houzz

Amazing! Entering this room is just like you have entered the ocean. You can almost hear the relaxing sound of those big waves.The wallpaper is really adding a wow effect to this bedroom.


Elegant Dark Blue Bedroom Design

dark-blue-bedroom-design-decor-wall-color-paint-ideasImage Credit: Houzz

Partner bold dark blue walls with some stately furniture pieces, such as this rich brown bed and add some vintage elements for a complete elegant and classy look of your bedroom.


Eclectic Blue Bedroom Design

Play with colour-block fabrics, paint effects, graphic accessories and contemporary furniture to create a bedroom that's modern and bright.Image Credit: Portuur

Add rich blue as the center color, and you can play with different lively colors, fabrics, patterns and decorations. The end result will be an eclectic design of a bedroom which has a vivid and stimulating appeal.


Turquoise Bedroom Design

turquoise-bedroom-interior-design-ideas-with-white-and-orange-accentImage Credit: Houzz

This inspiring bedroom with turquoise wall paneling and some white and orange accent is absolutely gorgeous. Some extra points for the antique pieces, and of course for the wall decoration as a headboard. Really charming and stylish bedroom.


Serene Light Blue Bedroom Design

strategic-blue-accentsImage Credit: Houzz

How relaxing and soothing this bedroom feels? It has the easiness and lightness of a white fluffy cloud on a bright blue sky. Combine soft white with light blue and some strategic blue accents to get this fresh appeal.


Moroccan Inspired Blue Bedroom

morrocan patternsImage Credit: Pier1

Adding some exotic touch to your blue bedroom? Why not? Look at this lovely moroccan designed bedroom that is full with numerous different patterns, and it still manages not to look overwhelmed, since all of the patterns come in some shade of blue.


Ombre Blue Bedroom Design

Home-Updates-House-3Apr14-Jake-Curtis_b_639x426Image Colors: House and garden

Who knew that ombre style would look so good on your bedroom walls? This blue and white bedroom feels so fresh and energising. Adding some colors in the details makes it even more lively and appealing.


Gorgeous Blue Bedroom Design

900Image Credit: Houzz

Our personal favorite. Everything from the rich dark turquoise wall color, the luxurious bed sheeting and pillows, the antique bedroom bench to the exotic decorations… simply stunning. Looks so elegant, yet cozy and welcoming.


Bright Blue Bedroom Design

Fresh-and-blueImage Credit:Hgtv

Now, this is what we would call: the perfect place to wake up in. So soothing and hush, this room radiates with calmness and sereness. Such a bright and fresh appeal. Loving the chandelier, and also the designer mirror as a focal point.


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