10 Amazing Gray Interior Design Ideas

If you tend to achieve serene and delicate appeal for your home decor, you should definitely try to decorate using the color gray.  Although many people find this color dull and depressing, gray has the ability to transform a space infusing cool elegance and sophistication in it, to be a wonderful backdrop color that make other colors shine ans also to enhance the sleekness of the furniture lines. Gray is such a versatile color and it works perfectly well almost everywhere and suits each and every color palette. At the same time gray is modern and edgy, calm and practical, and yet timeless and classic hue. Cooler or warmer tone, darker or lighter, here are some amazing gray interior designs, so check them out and get inspired into creating a gray spot into your home. Read on and enjoy!

Beautiful Gray Living Room Design

Gray-Interior-Paint-Ideas-25-1-KindesignImage Credit: Houzz

A wonderful cool shade of gray complements this incredibly delicate living room setting. The sophisticated furniture and decorative elements provide the room with a gorgeous appeal, and the fireplace adds to the warmth of the space.


Cozy Gray Living Room Design

Gray-Interior-Paint-Ideas-07-1-KindesignImage Credit: Updis

An amazing warm gray tone as a background, additionally accentuated with some calm yellow-green and orange accents and together they create a nice, cozy and vibrant spot. The playful patterns and  that catchy sputnik chandelier add to the vivacious spirit in this living room design.



Delicate Gray Dining Room Design

gray-dining-room-round-table-decorating-ideas-dixon-hbx-eclectic-728x489Image Credit: Galleryoke

This elegant and sophisticated dining room showcases different kinds of gray, perfectly mixed and balanced for an absolute alluring appeal of the spot. Looks classy and upscale and provides the perfect setting for a stylish meal.


Impressive Gray Kitchen Design

grey-modern-luxe-kitchenImage Credit: Dartbits

An impressive design of a sophisticated and striking kitchen. The distinctive, cool gray shades are highlighted and warmed up by the exquisite Bordeaux kitchen stools and kitchen range. Those pendant lights add to the wow- effect on this elegant kitchen design.


Modern Gray Kitchen Design

warm_medium_gray_kitchen_1Image Credit: Piccistudio

This modern minimalist kitchen radiates with pure elegance, sleekness and coolness. Straight lines, neutral gray color palette and minimalist design create this edgy and striking, and at the same time classic and timeless kitchen setting.


Striking Gray Hallway Design

Gray painted walls are a wonderful backdrop for a collection of black and white photos set up in a gallery wall. The white matting and white floor base create a dramatic contrast.Image Credit: Faceplane

Gray is a perfect choice for a hallway, since it is the ultimate background color than can serve as a backdrop for you to display your favorite photo collection. The beauty of this grey hallway is highlighted by the black and white color scheme on the wall and the black staircase handrail.


Elegant Gray Bedroom Design

original_Michael-Abrams-grey-sophisticated-bedroom-fireplace_lgImage Credit: Okviagem

This serene setting of a pale grey bedroom has left us speechless. Soft materials meet elegant furniture design and exquisite shiny light fixture for a perfect timeless appeal of a bedroom design.



Alluring Bedroom Design

Gorgeous-Bedroom-Interior-Gray-Wall-Accents-Crystal-Chandelier-Unique-Bed-DesignImage Credit: Francotechnogap

Elegance, modern design and pure class combined into this gorgeous bedroom design. The grey background embellished with some rich, sophisticated black furniture create a brilliant, striking appeal of this bedroom.


Cute Gray Kid’s Room

Bedroom-Lovable-Kids-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-In-Gray-Nuance-With-Green-Color-Accent-By-Cute-Frog-Bedmaster-And-Cabinet-Cool-Kids-Bedrooms-For-Small-And-Large-Space-Room-Contemporary-Cool-BedroomsImage Credit: Giesendesign

Although many of you are skeptical about this, grey color actually looks amazing as a backdrop of your kid’s room. Accentuated with some catchy neon furniture to liven up the space, and some warm neutral shades for additional warmth, for a beautiful, both calm and vibrant spot for your kid.


Airy Gray Bathroom Design

Gray-Interior-Paint-Ideas-18-1-KindesignImage Credit: Wohnideen

Gray works incredibly well  in the bathroom since it provides a cool, fresh and airy look of the space. Play with various shades of gray to create dynamic appearance in your bathroom.




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