10 Amazing Ikea Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

If you are familiar with the work of the Swedish brand Ikea, then you for sure are fan of the modern and yet cozy style that this company is promoting for years. Ikea is limitless source of inspiration for creating a better and warmer home, so once again we use the Ikea as indicator  of cool and cozy style for the bedroom. If you feel like you need some specific ideas and inspirations to do something with the bedroom, you are on the right place to be. We’ve decided to share the 2015 Ikea Catalog and give you some super inspiring and creative ideas for the Bedroom. Therefore, check out the bellow 10 Amazing Ikea Bedroom Interior Design Ideas  and get inspired on Ikea way.



 Urban  Ikea Bedroom

Urban Ikea BedroomImage Credit: Ikea

This cool and urban bedroom by Ikea is just stunning, right? – We love the open display wardrobe idea, it gives a cool, organized and charming appeal to the overall gray interior. The combination of gray and white is perfect for creating a balanced and charming feel in the bedroom.


Fresh  Ikea Bedroom

Fresh Ikea BedroomImage Credit: Ikea

Hot orange color scheme,brick stone floor and animal skin shag rug its the Ikea formula for creating a fresh and lively mood in the bedroom. We love the combination of the hot colors with a cold stone brick floor, it gives a rustic and natural touch to the modern interior.


Feminine Ikea Bedroom

Femine Ikea BedroomImage Credit: Ikea

When it comes to creating a feminine bedroom, Ikea always stick to the classic color scheme and charming decorative elements, such as pale purple or pastel pink. The white and blue bedding is perfect for striking though the plain pink walls and creating a nice visual effect in the place. Just so charming and adorable.


Stylish Ikea Bedroom

Stylish Ikea BedroomImage Credit: Ikea

This is how you create an Ikea Stylish bedroom, by using a bunch of high contrast tones, vibrant patterns and open display storage cabinets. It looks super fashionable and stylish, right?


Sleek  Ikea Bedroom

Sleek Ikea BedroomImage Credit: Ikea

So inspiring and creative, right? The color block bed with two mattress and different polka dotted bedding surely pushes the limits of modern and contemporary, right? We love the simplicity and the terrific minimalist layout of this fresh and contemporary Ikea bedroom.


Contemporary  Ikea Bedroom

Contemporary Ikea BedroomImage Credit: Ikea

A bed with colorful geometric print on the headboard can surely stand out in the bedroom and create super contemporary statement. We love the modern and minimalist setting of this beautiful Ikea bedroom.


Classy  Ikea Bedroom

Classy Ikea BedroomImage Credit: Ikea

This bedroom looks so vibrant and opulent, right? The hot purple and pink in combination with purple wooden panel creates a truly magnificent and charming ambiance in the stylish feminine bedroom by Ikea. The sparkling chandelier surely adds a luxurious and splendid touch in the interior.


Blue  Ikea Bedroom

Blue Ikea BedroomImage Credit: Ikea

The blue color scheme is perfectly decorated with cool gray geometric bedding with colorful print that adds contemporary and modern touch in the beautiful Ikea bedroom.


Green Ikea Bedroom

Green Ikea BedroomImage Credit: Ikea

Wow! How classy and yet cozy and charming, right? The green color scheme sets up the relaxing and refreshing ambiance in the overall charming and cozy bedroom, while the canopy bed with white silky curtains brings soothing effect in the interior.


Modern  Ikea Bedroom

Modern Ikea BedroomImage Credit: Ikea

So charming and cozy, right? The beige color scheme is smartly enhanced by the black and dark motifs that comes from the upholstery modern armchair which perfectly strikes through the bright  beige appearance of this lovely bedroom.


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