10 Amazing Living Room Interior Design Ideas with Concrete Walls

The industrial interior design has been around for just as much time to catch everybody’s attention. Whether you absolutely adore it, or you are just not so happy about it, you must admit that there is some distinctive beauty in this raw and unfinished industrial look and that it most certainly has its own charm and urban feel. One of the easiest ways to achieve an industrial look at home is to use industrial materials. Concrete is a logical choice and recently we have witnessed a huge rise in the use of concrete in interior design. Many designers and home-owners are now using concrete in unexpected and unusual ways and it seems like there is nothing that can’t be made using this versatile material. We agree that at least, a single concrete wall is something you should eventually try, so we gathered some urban designs of living room with concrete walls to draw your attention and to prove you that it indeed looks absolutely impressive. Check them out and enjoy!

 Beautiful Living Room Design with Concrete Walls

rad_design_concrete_loft_04Image Credit: architizer.com

Just take a look at that brilliant mix of different kinds of textures into one perfectly harmonious whole for an urban industrial appearance of this living room. The concrete ceiling works as a contrast to all those fine materials, the sofa, the leather armchairs, the rich wooden flooor and as a central eye-catching point you have that unique  light fixture.  A brilliant design.


Spacious Living Room Design with Concrete Walls

concrete_living_room_13Image Credit: www.elle.es

The spacious, bright and impressive appearance of this living room has left us speechless. We absolutely love the concrete fire place placed in the middle of the room as a focal spot, and all the stylish furniture around, that make the whole space look edgy, and still welcoming and nice.



 Appealing Living Room Design with Concrete Walls


Image Credit: architizer.com

How can you not like this wonderful dark blue, grey and white combo since it looks so appealing? Dark blue walls to pair the concrete ceiling and soft white furniture to warm that all up and give it a doze of elegance and grace. And for an ultimate adorable look, you see all those colors on the rug- amazing.



 Attic Living Room Design with Concrete Walls

concrete_living_roomImage Credit: tretrend.se

A beautiful way of turning your attic room into a fine industrial looking living room with concrete walls. Love the stylish fireplace as it gives the space warmth and elegance.



Eye-catching Living Room Design with Concrete Walls

sorrento_house_rob_millsImage Credit: designalmic.com

Concrete walls don’t always look dull and lifeless, especially if you splash a pop of warm color to liven them up. Apparently, grey and orange is a brilliant color match. Love how the fireplace wood actually matches the orange art around it.


Alluring Living Room Design with Concrete Walls

sorrento_house_rob_mills_02Image Credit: archi-now.blogspot.de

This spacios living, dining and kitchen space in monochrome palette looks stylish and urban, and it is complemented with some concrete walls for an additional drama that makes the elegant furniture textures stand out even more. Concrete walls love the companion of white furniture and accesories, and you can not not agree that it looks gorgeous.



Eclectic Living Room Design with Concrete Walls

concrete_living_room_14Image Credit: www.giesendesign.com

Love the eclectic industrial appeal of this lovely living room design. The edgyness of the concrete walls and pipes is perfectly balanced with colors, different textures, cushions in playful patterns, eclectic decorations, and of course, the glass vintage chandelier for adding some extra points on the elegance of the space.


 Stylish Living Room Design with Concrete Walls

living-room-idea-ideas-with-concrete-wallsImage Credit: www.snuut.com

This is a fine example of a elegant and stylish living room in a dark color scheme with white accents, complemented with designed concrete walls. The space looks dramatic, mysterious, sophisticated and with a dose of drama.



 Welcoming Living Room Design with Concrete Walls


Image Credit: pagesay.com

Nice and cozy looking living room design with concrete walls and floor to ceiling windows that make the space look bright and welcoming. The eclectic decorations in the room are making the atmosphere in it even more enjoyable.


Amazing  Living Room Design with Concrete Walls

concrete_living_room_20Image Credit: www.vantagedesigners.com

This is a faux concrete wall. Even if it is hard for you to believe, it’s just a concrete looking wallpaper. So, for those of you who want to have the concrete moment of the industrial look, and still have your walls treated properly, then you have the option of faking one which looks and fits absolutely great.


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