10 Astounding Blue Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Your kitchen is the place in your home where you surely spend a lot of time, even more if you are keen on cooking and preparing delicious specialties for your family and friends. So, why not make this space as nice and as good looking as possible? If you are bored with classic kitchen colors and designs, we suggest you try putting some color in your kitchen, for example blue. Some say blue is an appetite suppressant, but we don’t agree and that doesn’t keep this color to appear in many kitchens and in many different shades. From pale blue who looks fresh and clean, to electric blue who is an attention grabber, to dark blue who looks mysterious and dramatic, the choices are infinite. We present you our choice of gorgeous blue kitchen designs to inspire you in incorporating blue in your own kitchen. Read on and enjoy!

Beautiful Blue Kitchen

101358037.jpg.rendition.largestImage Credit: www.bhg.com

Check out how these gorgeous rich dark blue kitchen cabinets contrast this traditional white kitchen. Fit perfectly well with the white marble countertops and backsplash and the adorable white kitchen island and create a welcoming and cozy appeal.


Charming Blue Kitchen

101179298.jpg.rendition.largestImage Credit: flixpod.com

Warm tones and natural wood paired with lovely turquoise blue kitchen cabinets provide this kitchen with charming and welcoming appeal. The southwestern style of the design and the slightly rustic touch make this cooking space incredibly gorgeous and inviting.


Electric Blue Kitchen

101478118.jpg.rendition.largestImage Credit: www.ranario.com

This contemporary and eclectic kitchen design in black and white scheme and geometric patterns is complemented with electric blue walls and colorful backsplash tiles. The yellow moment just accentuate the room’s lively and vibrant appearance.


Pastel Blue Kitchen

101379333.jpg.rendition.largestImage Credit: flixpod.com

For a fresh and clean look, light pastel blue works wonders in the kitchen space. Also pairs remarkably well with black , white and grey shades for an absolute bold, clear and at the same time calming effect.


Impressive Blue Kitchen

8f3d3b980a27a70f9d72f68c95b46959Image Credit: decoratingthemaster.com

Impressive design of a kitchen for a completely striking look. Dark wood elements married with rich blue walls and kitchen stools put on that absolutely vibrant floor, and on top of it you see that ceiling design. This is a masterpiece.


Coastal Kitchen Design

0bcf467faca2d29463347e9c33fe2490Image Credit: kitchendetailsanddesign.com

Powder blue does wonders in creating a cozy vibe in the kitchen. Plus, the coastal appeal, the open space and the bright atmosphere in this spot are definitely a great combination for a gorgeous kitchen.


Contemporary Blue Kitchen

kitchens-amazing-blue-kitchen-cabinet-inspiration-in-glamorous-kitchen-design-with-hardwood-flooring-and-plates-wall-art-10-impressive-blue-kitchen-cabinet-inspirationsImage Credit: www.giesendesign.com

Lovely distinctive shade of blue on the shiny kitchen cabinets and island. Together with the silver gray countertops and backsplash create a sleek and sophisticated appearance of this contemporary kitchen. Loving the blue velvet kitchen stools and the charming drapes on the big bright windows.


Lovely Blue Kitchen

101590421.jpg.rendition.largestImage Credit : www.dovann.com

Creamy white walls and kitchen cabinets are perfectly livened up with that rich navy blue kitchen island topped with soft yellow marble top and that awesome terra cotta floor. This space has a cheerful, lively and welcoming appeal due to the combination of styles and colors and charming details.


Chic Creamy and Blue Kitchen

9d53dc02cfe827409101763de25f3005Image Credit: almacendeinspiraciones.blogspot.com

French country romantic and lovely design of a kitchen.The soft and chic ambiance is due to the creamy white shade all over the diamond counters, the kitchen island and stools.The lovely light blue wall works as an accent and adds just as enough freshness and breeziness as it should.



Eclectic Blue Kitchen

b82cdcac9abd613fdbc3b8236f018a84Image Credit: interiorizm.com

This vibrant and vivid kitchen look has won our hearts. It has the adorable boho spirit in it, with that rich blue cabinets and that perfectly vibrant colorful kitchen backsplash, Those also colorful and cute kitchen accessories fit perfectly in this effortlessly cool, perky and lovely ambiance.



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