10 Bohemian Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

The Bohemian style can be simply described as a courageous ode to colors, art, patterns and texture, bursting with unbelievable vibrant and inspiring energy. This exceptionally bold design looks perfectly in the bedroom interior, especially if its applied in a dramatic and free order. The Bohemian bedroom interior design is perfect fit for free spirited people who enjoys the interiors with pulsating colors and inspiring patterns, for open minded people with vibrant temperament who are enchanted by the “gypsy magic”  interior style. If you are one of these people, then you maybe should consider adding some Bohemian soul into your bedroom. We collected a showcase of 10 Whimsical and inspiring Bohemian bedroom interior design ideas that are simply amazing. Enjoy!

Vintage Bohemian Bedroom

Vintage Bohemian BedroomImage Credit:Alphadesignco

Look at this amazing bohemian divinity, it is utterly inspiring right? The coat painted pink floor sets the distinctive note and the bold quirk in the pastel and vintage decorated Bohemian bedroom. We love the festive colorful wall decor that adds perky and playful ambiance in the bedroom.


Vibrant Bohemian Bedroom

Vibrant Bohemian BedroomImage Credit: Houzz

This Bohemian decorated bedroom is so sensual and dramatic, and we totally love its profound and deep appearance. The play with colors and patterns that is flawlessly applied in this bedroom creates the artistic and warm ambiance that is clearly dominant in the bedroom interior.


Modern Bohemian Bedroom

Modern Bohemian BedroomImage Credit: Alphadesignco

The play with green striped statement wall and lively green floral quilt has provided this Bohemian bedroom with ultimate fun and cheery appearance.


Lively Bohemian Bedroom

Lively Bohemian BedroomImage Credit: Blocnow

Here you can clearly notice the splash of pulsating colors and inspiring patterns, you can literally see every color and shade from the spectrum applied perfectly in this bohemian bedroom in order to reflect lively ambiance and to create the modern and inspiring bohemian appearance.


Dramatic Bohemian Bedroom

Dramatic Bohemian BedroomImage Credit: Dishfunctional Designs

We love the idea of merging the bohemian with industrial that is clearly applied in this bedroom. The bare concrete walls set up the industrial setting and the lively, colorful floral quilt in combination with the colroful striped bedroom cabinet add the bohemian perk in this inspiring interior.


Cool Bohemian Bedroom

Cool Bohemian BedroomImage Credit: Decorating Room

Notice the specific Moroccan feel in this Bohemian bedroom, applied through the printed statement walls and the usage of cold and warm distinctive color shades. This Bohemian Bedroom has a really outstanding appearance and reflects utterly warm and radiant ambiance.


Amazing Bohemian Bedroom

Amazing Bohemian BedroomImage Credit:Alphadesignco

We absolutely choose this charming bedroom as our favorite Bohemian interior design among the list. The pastel yellow floral wallpaper along with the quirky, antique furniture and wall decor has created the super soft and inspiring ambiance in the bedroom.


Beautiful Bohemian Bedroom

Beautiful Bohemian BedroomImage Credit: Pichomes

The colorful floral quilt in combination with the quirky wall decor and distinctive artwork applied on a white has created the balanced and yet playful and inspiring ambiance in this Bohemian Bedroom.


Bright Bohemian Bedroom Design

Bright Bohemian Bedroom DesignImage Credit: Denizenavigator

the combination of bright yellow and bright blue arranged in a creative and distinctive way has created the Bohemian appearance and provided this bedroom with perky and vibrant ambiance.


Charming Bohemian Bedroom Design

Charming Bohemian Bedroom DesignImage Credit:My Posterama

This Bohemian Bedroom has a truly charming and inspiring appearance, due to the subtle decor and perfect color arrangement. We love the hippie feel in the utterly bright and beautiful bohemian bedroom.

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