10 Charming Small Balcony Decoration Ideas

During the summer days and even more in the summer nights, the least thing we want to do is sit inside the house or the apartment, so having a balcony in your home at this time of the year is a true blessing. Owning a veranda, even a small one allows you to go outside, relax and catch on a nice fresh breeze of air, without even leaving your home. In order for your enjoyment to be to the maximum, it is essential to have a few useful moments on your balcony, such as chairs to sit on, an armchair for a complete coffee and book retreat and maybe a bench for a nice little party with group of friends. Having the useful stuff added, we shouldn’t neglect the decorations, such as flowers, plants, decorative lights, some rug… As many pillows as possible are always welcomed, as well as cushions and cozy poufs. And even more, your balcony is also the mirror of your home, especially if you live in an apartment, so do not hesitate to put effort into turning this place into a nice looking, cozy and alluring spot. This will encourage you to spend more time outdoors and enjoy natural air. Here are some nice ideas for decorating a small balcony to get you inspired in beautifying your own, if you are lucky enough to have one. Read on and enjoy!


Beautiful Balcony Design

balcony-decor-ideas-1Image Credit:  www.hometriangle.com

This fresh balcony looks absolutely gorgeous. That steel furniture goes perfectly well with the lime green and funky blue accessories for a quite modern and vibrant appeal. Looks completely cozy and welcoming.


Boho Chic Balcony Design

Amazing-Decorating-Ideas-for-Small-Balcony-13Image Credit: www.dailywt.com

This wonderful, laid-back balcony looks so chic and cozy. Colorful outdoor pillows on that DIY old crates bench, warm blanket, cool vintage rug and adorable flowers bring to the bohemian spirit of this adorable spot.



Rustic  Eclectic Balcony Design

The rustic, green, super casual kind of balcony decorImage Credit: housekeepermary.wordpress.com

Fine selection of outdoor chairs in a cool color paired with an urban mix of patterns and textures for a really nice eclectic balcony decor. Imagine how cool do these bare bulbs on that wooden enclosure look at night! Awesome, isn’t it?



Romantic Balcony Design

balcony-decor-ideas-2Image Credit: homevialaura.com

This beautiful setting on this cute balcony is melting our hearts. Such a warm and nice spot for a romantic getaway on your own veranda. Really charming.


Vibrant Balcony Design

733eabacc88c7318e70dfe02fcfd8e6bImage Credit: www.recuperedecorando.com.br

This balcony radiates with freshness and vibrancy due to that cool eye-catching yellow color. Minimalist modern furniture, striped wallpaper and the inevitable plants for a complete guess if your aim is cool, fresh and eye-catching balcony.



Vivid Balcony Design

75786c78bfe0c2ea487cfe74ba9f1afc (1)Image Credit: francotechnogap.com

Charming and colorful setting fulfilled with furniture and decorations in different vivid colors for a beautiful and perky look. As we mentioned before, the plants on your balcony are a major beautifier and a simple must.


Black & White Balcony Design

Amazing-Decorating-Ideas-for-Small-Balcony-1Image Credit: homemydesign.com

How cute this black and white decor looks? Even the flowers and the flower pods are black and white! The outdoor wooden essential furniture perked out with some black and white stripes and patterns. Simple, yet gorgeous.


Tea Party Balcony Design

The floral, tea garden kind of balcony decorImage Credit: www.hometriangle.com

This balcony looks super chic and feminine. Seems like the perfect spot for an afternoon tea party. The more flowers, the merrier.


Cozy Balcony Design

Amazing-Decorating-Ideas-for-Small-Balcony-15Image Credit: www.bravacasa.rs

There is some serious coziness going on over there on this balcony. Loving that big bench and those comfortable outdoor pillows that make you wanna lean on and relax as soon as you see them. Simply beautiful.



Tiny Balcony Design

Amazingly-Pretty-Decorating-Ideas-for-Tiny-Balcony-Spaces_03Image Credit: www.nhadep.net

If you own the tiniest balcony of them all, then try to get the most of the space available. For example, just add faux grass on the balcony floor and some chair cushions above it and voila, you have a nice little place where you can sit back, read some book while feeling fresh breeze.


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