10 Cheerful Interior Design Ideas with Colorful Sofa

When it comes to decorating and styling our living room, some of the people like to keep it plain and simple, and go with neutral colors, classic design and a conventional look. But what about those people who like to experiment with their living room look, and like to add something interesting and colorful in it? If you belong to those people, who like cheerful and vivid spaces, why not insert a pop of color in your living room design? You can do that in various different ways, and one of them is to invest in a catchy colorful sofa. Having an accent sofa in a neutral backdrop, or adding one more color with the sofa, either way you will achieve a perky and vivacious look for your living room, that will definitely bring some positive energy inside it. Take a look at the awesomely creative and cheerful colored sofa designs that we chose for you, to get inspired in choosing one to perk up your own living room. Read on!

Sunny Yellow Sofa Design

0Image Credit: The Rubber Doll

This lovely sunny yellow sofa radiates with warmth and inevitable beauty. Having it inside your living room will make the sun shine inside it every single day.

Deep Blue Sofa Design

f89aa6993832e1a0c56d970d25071f05Image Credit: Devids

Such a deep and refined blue colored sofa, with a gorgeous tufted design and a wonderful appeal. The sofa complements this eclectic living room setting just perfect.

Multi-colored Velvet Sofa Design

Vivid multi-coloured sectional in jewel tonesImage Credit: Soda Head 

This amazing vivid multi-colored sectional in jewel tones simply radiates with style and spirit. It fulfills this living room with a distinctive vivacious, yet soft ambiance, due to its velvet texture and design.

Sizzling Pink Sofa Design

ΠΟΠ-ΑΡΤ1Image Credit: Jenny

This super-chic and sleek pink sofa design is so awesome that we don’t even have the words for it. So striking and catchy, and glamorous at the same time.

Patterned Sectional Sofa Design

549457790b997adb83171ecf82236a25Image Credit: Bokra

This unconventional sofa design is designed with different colors, patterns and textures of sections combined. Together they create a totally unique and original sofa design, that provides this room with super-cool and casual appeal.

Lovely Olive Green Sofa Design

2-colorful-sofa-chair-tableImage Credit: Brit

This bold olive green sofa fits into this vivid setting just perfect, Every single piece of furniture and detail has a different bold color and they create a super-funky and cheerful overall look of the living room spot.

Unique Colorful Sofa Design

f4546fed4e279b348001a976c9f877b7Image Credit: Interior Clip

Wow! This is so unique and creative! This is something very different. Mix of all kinds of colors and shapes put together in a very distinctive sofa design for an awesomely catchy piece of furniture as a final result.

Mint Blue Sofa Design

eb376e53598f13abe563c6471d86838fImage Credit: Fresh Dekor

This lovely and pastel mint shade on the sofa brings adorable freshness and airiness in this living room. Looks so crispy and clean, it is like a breeze of fresh air inside the room.

Gorgeous Purple Sofa Design

183154937ddb4b31932a42c88731a12dImage Credit: Propos Deco

This bohemian living room setting flaunts a purple sofa that looks rather casual, inviting and extremely cozy. The sofa is decorated with different throw pillows for extra points to the look and the comfort.

Violet Velvet Sofa Design

5202c7921bd6fc8acfb84b98035d90fdImage Credit: Inspire by Cifre

This is a very one-of-a-kind sofa that screams style and grace. The profound velvet design and the deep violet color bring class and character to this eclectic living room.





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