10 Cool Teenage Boy’s Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Designing and decorating a room for your teenage boy can be really challenging and somewhat difficult thing to do. Teenagers live in their own world, and sometimes it’s not easy to guess what is it what they actually want. But together with our help and our tips and ideas, it shouldn’t be as difficult as it seems. The key is knowing what your boy’s hobbies and interests are, and what does he like to do in his free time. The other important thing in designing a teenage boy’s room is of course to include him in the process of making, so that he can express his own wishes, desires and ideas on how does he imagine his own private room. A teenage boy’s room color palette includes mostly ‘boy’ colors, such as blue, black or green, with some splash of other warm colors. It also includes some typical male themes, such as sports theme, military theme, or maybe in the style of his favorite music genre. We have chosen some cool teenage boy’s bedroom interior design ideas, in order to inspire you and maybe even your teenage boy, so that you can enjoy in decorating and creating his own little spot in the family home. Check out the ideas below and feel free to steal some of them if you like them. Enjoy!


Cool Teenage Boy’s Bedroom


Image Credit: www.giesendesign.com

This room looks absolutely urban and cool, and it is the perfect spot that any teenage boy would want. Distinctive choice of colors, modern and cozy furniture, playful and colorful rug, brick wall and some wall decorations. Really nice and welcoming atmosphere.


Orange Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

ead6accda7cf1d98182ccdfd0844a457Image Credit: www.maggieoneillfineart.com

Orange is such a happy color. Brings energy in the room and initiates friendly atmosphere. Although is not the typical ‘boy’ color, paired with black and white looks absolutely amazing in this teenage boy’s bedroom. Super-fresh and cool.


Beach Themed Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

teenage-beach-bedroomImage Credit: onpine.com

Make your boy’s stay in the room as cozy and nice as if he was laying and relaxing on a beach, hearing the soothing sounds of the sea. This beach themed boy’s bedroom is adorable. Some beach view wallpaper, wooden bed and table, sand-like bed sheeting and cozy pillows and all he’ll need is a sunscreen!



Sports Teenage Boy’s Bedroom


Image Credit:  faceplane.com

If your boy likes sports and has a favorite sports team, do not hesitate to decorate his room into a cheerful sports spirit. Encourage him to like and play sports, and to live a healthy lifestyle.



Rock Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

12-Blue-grey-gray-rock-music-grunge-style-teenage-boys-bedroom-550x550Image Credit: www.capitalimoveistv.com.br

Every teenage boy has a passion for some kind of music. Whether it’s rock, electronic, classical or pop music, let him enjoy in his own personal music themed bedroom and allow him to decorate his space into the sounds of his favorite song.


Hippy Boy’s Bedroom Design

thrilling-wide-space-boys-bedroom-area-from-rug-and-furnishing-layout-948x665Image Credit: wdeck.com

If your boy has a free spirit, and is impressed by some kind of a flow or revolution, as long as it is a good and inspiring one, let him do his own thing. Colors, patterns, signs, whatever makes him feel good in his own room. Make love, not war!


Cozy Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

fae9faabb4933adfc1ebdfb0340ce16cImage Credit: www.pinterest.com

This room looks and feels super-cozy and nice. Rich dark and light blue color mixed with some white and olive green, striped wall and geometric patterned table, everything is fresh, lively and young-spirited.


Military Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

hhImage Credit: www.giesendesign.com

Maybe your boy wants to join the army or he is just impressed with the military style. Decorate his room into the interesting and adventurous military look. Looks mysterious, exciting and fun.


 Nice Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

09_910-495x364Image Credit: www.giesendesign.com

Warm neutral colors will look and feel good into your boy’s room. Liven up the space with some striped bed sheeting in earth colors, and the result is a warm, cozy and welcoming spot.


Monochrome Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

teen-room-design1Image Credit: www.giesendesign.com

You can never go wrong with black and white for any interior design. Stick to the monochrome basics for your teenage boy’s bedroom for an effortlessly cool and urban look. Less is more.

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