The 13 Most Elegant and Dramatic Masculine Bedroom Designs Ever

If you are a single man who owns a bachelor’s pad, than you surely enjoy in your own space and like it to be decorated by your own needs and desires, and of course, to according your own personal style and character. When it comes to decorating a masculine bedroom, than it all ends up on: minimalist design, deep and dark colors, not overwhelming accessories and elegant decor as the essence in styling a space like this. Men love tranquil spaces with elegant lines and sophisticated, mysterious decorative elements that suit  their nature. So if you are interested in styling a bedroom in a pure masculine way, do not hesitate but read on and get inspired by some of the bedroom designs that we chose for you. Enjoy!

 Dramatic Masculine Bedroom Design

stylish-and-sexy-masculine-bedrooms-54Image Credit: Design Boom

Just take a look at the grandiose design of this bedroom. With the skylight ceiling and the distinctive wooden construction underneath, along with the accent concrete wall and contemporary bed design, this bedroom in deep tranquil colors displays a superb masculine design and makes a strong statement that can not go unnoticed.

Distinctive Masculine Bedroom Design

stylish-and-sexy-masculine-bedrooms-55Image Credit: GQ

Every single piece in this bedroom is so unique and unconventional, which makes this bedroom super-catchy and extremely impressive.

Sophisticated Masculine Bedroom Design

stylish-and-sexy-masculine-bedrooms-49Image Credit: Houzz

Such elegance and grace in this masculine bedroom design. Deep, rich colors, sophisticated lines, distinctive decorative elements and luxurious texture for a striking and splendid bedroom appeal as an end result.

Elegant Masculine Bedroom Design

a (Copy)Image Credit: Home Design Lover

The inviting and cozy appearance of this bedroom is due to the warm color palette, the illuminate lightning and the catchy interesting decorative pieces. The black wall adds to the drama of the space, but it still manages to look pleasant and nice.

Neutral Masculine Bedroom Design

stylish-and-sexy-masculine-bedrooms-51Image Credit: Real Simple

You can never go wrong by going all neutral on a space, especially if you want to create a calm tranquil and elegant ambiance. Just adjust the light to accentuate the details and you’ll have a brilliant sleeping spot for both men and women.

Airy Masculine Bedroom Design

stylish-and-sexy-masculine-bedrooms-59Image Credit: HGTV

This bedroom looks calm, simple and yet very gorgeous. The simplicity of the neutral color hues, design and accessories makes it look airy, comfy and utterly pleasant.

Unique Masculine Bedroom Design

stylish-and-sexy-masculine-bedrooms-46Image Credit: Decoist

Such a dramatic setting! This one is for the unique personalities only! This bedroom design is quite peculiar, yet very striking and impressive.

Gorgeous Masculine Bedroom Design

stylish-and-sexy-masculine-bedrooms-42Image Credit: Digs Digs

This bedroom is so comfortable and cozy. it radiates with inviting and pleasant appeal. Due to the dark color palette used it would make a perfect bachelor bedroom.

Modern Masculine Bedroom Design

Masculine-Bedroom-Design-Ideas2 (Copy)Image Credit: Digs Digs

Super modern bedroom design in a black and gray color palette with white accents ideal for a masculine space. The luxurious contemporary appearance of the room makes it highly incredible and in demand.

Cozy Masculine Bedroom Design

stylish-and-sexy-masculine-bedrooms-11Image Credit: The Suite Life Designs

The mixture of colors, textures and forms in this bedroom makes it utterly vibrant, and at the same time pleasant and comfortable. Lovely combination of shades that would be a man’s favorite colors for his bedroom.

Profound Masculine Bedroom Design

stylish-and-sexy-masculine-bedrooms-2Image Credit: Decoist

This bedroom screams masculine elegance and sophistication. Everything inside the spot is extremely stylish, luxurious and with great taste. Props to the designer of this room, as it is our personal favorite in this series of bedroom designs.

Cool Masculine Bedroom Design

stylish-and-sexy-masculine-bedrooms-24Image Credit: Decorating Ideas

We love these vibrant bedroom sheets and the accent leather pillows that perk up this gray masculine bedroom. But we love the mounted trophy on the wall even more, as it adds personal charm and character to the spot.

Bright Masculine Bedroom Design

stylish-and-sexy-masculine-bedrooms-33-554x437Image Credit: Decoration Channel

Who says that only dark rooms can be masculine? This distinctive bright bedroom with minimalist design and catchy accessories makes a perfect masculine sleeping spot.

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