10 Fierce Black Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

What are your thoughts on having a black wall, and maybe even all black elements in your bedroom? Are you courageous enough to try the deep impact of black in your sleeping corner? Even though black is not a popular choice for a wall, incorporated in a well designed space with great amount of light, with just enough white to balance the black and with a splash of a vivid color element, can surely create a stunning appearance. Black screams mystery, elegance, drama, it’s sophisticated and glamorous, and definitely shows off the artistic side of the owner. Further more, you can also experiment with lighter and darker shade of black, with different wall textures, with shine or matte… you have infinite possibilities and combinations in your hands. The sophisticated black shiny wall is our personal favorite as it allows everything else in the room to pop. As we feel we already expressed our preference to the color black, now it’s time for us to show you some astonishingly beautiful bedrooms with black finish, in order to assure you that black can be the right choice if you want to have dramatically stylish bedroom.Enjoy!


Glamourous Black Bedroom Design

glamurous luxuryImage credit: All Modern

This marvellous designed black bedroom is completely blowing our minds. The crocodile skin bed, trays and headboard are sensational. Everything fits perfectly with the neutral pillows, the grey wall and the also remarkable light fixture. Props to the interior designer!


Luxurious Black Bedroom Design

black-bedroomImage credit: Home Design Lover

How classy is this bedroom? The stylish lamps beautifully complement and highlight the elegant pattern wallpapers. Glass nightstands, black fluffy rug, zebra chairs…everything in this room screams très chic & cosmopolitan. 


Amazing Black Bedroom Design

modern contemporaryImage credit: Digs Digs

It’s always a good idea to mix black with white. This modern contemporary room has just enough white, to let the black shine in its glory. The space radiates with some mysterious sophistication. The unique designed bed is absolutely gorgeous.



Marvelous Black Bedroom Design

Bold, Black Bedroom With Tufted Leather HeadboardImage credit:Decoist

Extremely beautiful bold black bedroom with tufted leather headboard. The shiny greyish sheets complement the also shiny ceiling. The light fixture just adds the final touch to this remarkable bedroom.



Modern Black Bedroom Design

Black-Bedroom-Design-4Image credit:Trickpod

Modern and practical black bedroom design with some inevitable white moments. The monochrome is a timeless combination and fits almost perfectly each and every time in each and every corner of your home.


Elegant Black Bedroom Design

Bedroom-Decoration-Black-WhiteImage credit: Martha Stewart

Another example of a beautiful black bedroom with whites and here, the white is applied as an accent to the black. The shiny vibe in this room is complemented with the enormous mirror headboard and together, it all looks exquisite.


Chic Black Bedroom Design

chicImage credit: Crosby Street Hotel

If the little black dress is a ‘must’ for every lady, why not try a little black bedroom as well? Beautifully elegant and feminine bedroom. Clear, sleek and in fashionista style. Just look at the picture of the Louboutins on that black wall. ‘Nuff said.


Beautiful Black Bedroom Design

Black-Bedroom-Decorating-Ideas-with-moon-beamImage credit: Houzz

You have to be so cool to have a moonbeam in your bedroom, right? This moonbeam decoration is too unique, that we are thrilled about it. Goes perfectly with the space-styled rug, and together they take you to the stars and also make this black bedroom absolutely uncommon and exceptional.


Seductive Black Bedroom Design

Seductive-classic-bedroom-design-ideas-modern-black-bedroom-designsImage credit: Houzz

And yet again the perfect combo- black and white, Astonishingly beautiful modern bedroom with lots of light in it. Elegant and seductive at the same time. Absolutely enjoyable,


Vibrant Black Bedroom Design

HCLRS1011_Black-Bedroom-2_s4x3_lgImage credit:Bromstad

It is very easy to add any kind of color to black, like this refreshing splash of green and yellow in this eclectic bedroom with black walls. But, let’s all agree that the luxury chandelier says the last word and makes a statement, and also makes the whole room refined.


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