10 Fresh Colorful Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to decorating and styling your bathroom, it is not so hard to let your imagination run free and to choose whatever style or color you want, because of the variety of different shades of tiles and bathroom equipment available. If you are aiming for a fresh and sleek look, than we suggest going for a bright color design of your bathroom, which will bring instant freshness and vividness in the space. It doesn’t matter if you want to stick to just one shade paired with white, or mix several different ones, the end result will always be a vibrant, crisp look for a guaranteed freshness into your own bathroom. Take a look at those modern, bright bathroom designs that we chose for you, and get inspired into creating a beautiful and cozy bathroom in your home. Read on and enjoy

Vibrant Colorful Bathroom Design

6bf9c9254c616b272d3cdeb4fe7a17a4Image Credit: www.lovile.com

Take a look at the combination of colors that brings such a vividness in this adorable bathroom. Loving the chic sparkly tiles and those flowery orange cabinets. Feminine, nice and awesome.


 Electric Blue Bathroom Design

100628195.jpg.rendition.largestImage Credit: hamstersphere.blogspot.de

Do you notice how fresh and airy does this bathroom look due to that amazing shade of electric blue on the wall and the brightness provided by that big window? Blue in almost any shade is a perfect choice for your bathroom, as it provides instant freshness, coolness and clean look.


Lovely Yellow Bathroom Design

3-dryuiImage Credit: www.timticks.com

Already sunny and cozy enough from those fresh yellow tiles, and then those lights bring some extra brightness and playfulness into this cute and small bathroom. Nice and refreshing.


 Soft Lavender Bathroom Design


Image Credit: www.decorablog.com

So crispy chic and lovely. Elegant and serene appeal due to that marvelous choice of lavender tiles. Beautiful, soft and feminine.


Coral Turquoise Bathroom Design

sea-inspired-bathroom-decor-ideas-26Image Credit: www.giesendesign.com

Entering this bathroom feels like entering a crystal clear coral blue sea water. The vintage sink cabinet reminds us of the color of the sand. So exotic and refreshing at the same time.


Chic Violet Bathroom Design

nnImage Credit: www.homeintradition.com

This lovely bathroom radiates with such a chic and sleek appeal. Everything here screams feminine elegance, smoothness and grace, from the flower tiles, through that adorable bathtub, and that mini chandelier… Cute and stylish.



 Vibrant Orange Bathroom Design

a1dcffe276b8feacf52c4d7cb21d977fImage Credit: www.cenozoico.com

It feels like bright orange color was poured on the floor of a classic white bathroom and the color went up the tiles in a form of flowers. Brilliantly unique and lovely.



 Fresh Green Lime Bathroom Design

green-bathroom-design-ideas-103-554x415Image Credit: www.heimdecor.net

Eye- catching feature wall in a fresh lime color as a focal point into this modern bathroom design. Loving those huge windows as they allow a lots of light and brightness into the space.


 Delicate Violet Bathroom Design

purple-bathroom-design-ideas-5Image Credit: gortenzija.com

This bathroom looks so smooth and lovely. It has the adorable french country appeal and it brings out the most feminine, soft and delicate look a bathroom can have in the most charming way possible.


 Fresh Mint Bathroom Design

blue-bathroom-design-ideas-47Image Credit: denoxa.com

Our personal favorite match of colors for a bathroom design. Blue mint paired with pale grey for a complete fresh, clean and breezy look.


Funky Red Bathroom Design

101054720.jpg.rendition.largestImage Credit: www.interiorpik.com

This spacious french country bathroom with red accents grabs the attention into a beautiful and stylish manner. Looks adorably fresh and lovely.



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