10 Fresh Mint Interior Design Ideas

If you follow the trends in fashion and design, you simply can not not know what the IT color of the moment is. Following everything what’s modern and current trend, we present you the magical infamous shade of green called mint green. Interior designers are falling hard for this trendy color, and not hesitating to use it anywhere, since it is a very appealing, charming and funky looking color. Mint brings instant freshness to any space given, livens up the spot and gives it a certain vividness, coolness and charm in a very elegant and serene way. Painting your room in mint green, or just adding a mint green accent in it, will perk up the space and make it look fresh and sleek. Mint goes perfectly well paired with different colors, such as black and white, beige, brown, peach color,  fuchsia and much more, and you can include it in just any room in your house. We found some really appealing mint kissed design to freshen you up and inspire you in including the it color of the moment into your home. Read on and enjoy!


 Beautiful Mint Living Room Design

mint-color-in-the-interior-ideas-34-554x829Image Credit: www.nightwoodny.com

We can not get enough of this lovely, charming and casually beautiful eclectic living room design. Interesting furniture pieces accompanied with cozy pillows and poufs, colorful art on those fresh mint walls, and that unique chandelier… absolutely gorgeous.


 Serene Mint Living Room Design

mint-color-in-the-interior-ideas-4-554x685Image Credit: www.giesendesign.com

Such a soft and serene atmosphere in this alluring and elegant living room. Apparently, mint paired with neutral beige is a wonderful combination. Loving the pop of another color with that peach chair and on that abstract decoration on the mirror above the fireplace.


Charming Mint Hallway Design

feb-cotm-mint-marmalade-interiors-pink-chairsImage Credit : www.giesendesign.com

Mint pairs well with purple pink as it creates a vibrant, chic and fresh appeal. This spot is amazing due to the mix of vivid colors calmed by the classic wooden cabinet and details for an absolutely wonderful eclectic look.


 Monochrome Dining Room with Mint Accents

white-brick-dining-room-gray-table-mint-green-chairsImage Credit: wondersofstyle.com

There is no better way of living up your monochrome dining room, that adding a set of perfect mint green dining chairs. This fresh pop of color will draw all the attention and will make a statement for a cool and urban look of the dining spot.


Stylish Dining Room with Mint Accent

156570524516494560_Gp4tA0O8_cImage Credit: kinteriorsblog.wordpress.com

If you want to be cool all the way, then choose to insert only one singe mint chair in your classic design of a dining room as a splash of color for a complete wow effect. Love how the chair stands out and makes this elegant space even more appealing and simply wonderful.



 Modern Kitchen with Mint Accent

221098662926863464_Gn65UvLO_cImage Credit: www.arquion.com.br

This modern Scandinavian design of a dining room and kitchen in one is already urban and cool, but with the green mint fridge, it is even more unique, fresh and charming. Do not hesitate to use mint wherever possible as it adds instant wow effect just anywhere.



Unique Mint Hallway Design

100205160430393689_cQoanJqg_cImage Credit: oneillstudios.com

This is absolutely our favorite. This hallway can’t get better than this. Gorgeous classic look with some vibrant elements, the impressive striped floor and that charming mint wall…  We are mind-blown.



Beautiful Mint Shared Kids Room Design

241505598737232069_l46pGpeo_cImage Credit: www.bedroomwise.com

Mint green is a wonderful choice of color for your kids’ room. Just take a look at this adorable mint shared kids’ bedroom with some red accents. Will work out good for both girls and boys as well. Amazing!



Alluring Mint Bedroom Design

mint-color-in-the-interior-ideas-11Image Credit: quoteko.com

As we said, mint looks absolutely amazing anywhere, but our favorite mint spot must be the bedroom. Creates such a smooth and serene atmosphere, even more when paired with soft white, neutral and beige, and maybe some gold accents as well. Truly breathtaking.



Fresh Mint Bathroom Design

115123334194189718q9qAhRXicImage Credit: canoys.com

As fresh as it looks and fells, mint is a magnificent choice for your bathroom color. Brings an additional freshness, visually larges up the space and creates a vibrant and sleek appeal.

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