10 Fresh Yellow Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors in the color spectrum. It shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness. It is the color that represents the sun, spring and warmth. It captures joy and attention, which makes it a perfect color for a room fulfilled with daily activities, such as the kitchen. You surely spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so why not make it as sunny and as bright as you can? Even more, if the room doesn’t get much natural light or could use some visual warmth, yellow is the perfect choice for it. Bring the sunshine into your home and make your everyday cooking experience nice and lovely by choosing some shade of yellow for your kitchen. We present you some of our favorite yellow and mellow kitchen design ideas, in order to brighten up your day and to inspire you to refresh your old kitchen or create a new, sunny one. Do not hesitate to steal some of the ideas, as they are made just for the occasion. Enjoy! 



Contemporary Yellow Kitchen Design

5ff7800a839d98974e4c1d8f920d80ebImage Credit: Vukraovi

Combining modern black and white kitchen with a eye-catching yellow wall is obviously a total guess. The coolness of the monochrome combo meets the vivid yellow for a funky and energetic look of the space. Loving it.


Traditional Yellow Kitchen Design

traditionalImage Credit: Houzz

You can never go wrong by going traditional on your kitchen design, and adding a warm color to make it look welcoming and cozy. This soft shade of yellow embraces the space with some sort of warmth and brightness.



Charming Yellow French Country Style Kitchen Design

Charming Complexion A deep yellow tint with terra-cotta overtones bathes the plastered kitchen walls in a glow reminiscent of a Provencal sunset, and a prized French Lacanche range matches the color's intensityImage Credit: Bhg

This kitchen has the smell of some wonderful Provence flower and radiates with that well-known and adorable French glow. The deep yellow meets the terra-cotta and together with all the other natural colors combined, create a marvellous look of a typical French country kitchen.


Modern Yellow Kitchen Design

very-small-yellow-kitchen-design-ideasImage Credit:This old house

A beautiful example of a modern contemporary kitchen design, with a clean and sleek finish. Straight lines and geometric precision at its best. As shown, bright yellow and grey make a brilliant pair. The striking light fixture is simply remarkable.


English Farmhouse Style Kitchen Design

yellow tilesImage Credit: Furnish

The brightness and natural warmth of this natural colored kitchen has left us speechless. Loving how the buttery yellow tiles radiate in the space. The creamy white counters and the pastel green island fit perfectly in this English farmhouse inspired kitchen.


Rustic Yellow Kitchen Design

terra cotta floorImage Credit: Houzz

This incredibly warm yellow rustic kitchen is like a splash of sunshines. So cozy and welcoming. The bakery just complements the country look.


Cool Yellow Kitchen Design

9d7348134a5b088e6d562b85e2085ec9Image Credit: Houzz

How can a kitchen be so simple, yet so interesting? The bold yellow wall, the wooden striped ceiling, the black kitchen counters , the neutral island and details, the colorful chairs… such an unusual combination which works perfectly in this particular space. Props to the inventor of this post-modern look.


Beautiful Yellow Kitchen Design

Love the wood ceilings, the yellow walls, and the white, red, and green accents.Image Credit: Southern Living

Loving the combined natural colors in this adorable kitchen with rustic touch. The wooden ceiling is amazing. The pop of cherry color on the chairs comes as a refreshment in the space. Such a lovely bright and breezy atmosphere.


Soft Yellow Kitchen Design

softImage Credit: Jamsentme

How elegant and soft this kitchen looks? Creamy white blends in with soft yellow patterned tiles, neutral marble island and wooden floor. Can’t get much more refine and smooth on your kitchen than this.


Adorable Yellow Kitchen Design

pop of yellowImage Credit: Freshome

A perfect example of how just a pop of yellow, turns a neutral kitchen into a vibrant and lively space. This classic yellow counters are simply adorable. The whole kitchen looks funky and fresh.

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