10 Gorgeous Black and White Patio Design Ideas

Black and white is a timeless combination that works just about every time and everywhere, and interior design is clearly not an exception. You can not go wrong by going all black and white for any particular room in your home, actually, it is so unmistakable it even looks wonderful for an outdoor design. Choosing monochrome palette for your outdoor space will provide it with some seriously gorgeous and striking look, and the best part is that complementing it with black and white furniture and decorative elements will accentuate the beauty of the greenery in your patio, porch or terrace, since black and white is a perfect match with natural green shade. Those are the main reasons why we have searched and collected various black and white designs and decorations for your own outdoor oasis, so right now you can just lean on, keep on reading and get inspired in going all striking monochrome on your patio design. Enjoy!

Delightful Black & White Patio Design

chic-black-and-white-outdoor-spaces-17Image Credit: By Biombo

Check out how gorgeous does this patio look! We are in love with the  vintage rustic dining table, the black chairs and white cushions combo, the hanging black lights and most of it, the beauty of that glorious tree.


Impressive Black & White Patio Design

chic-black-and-white-outdoor-spaces-14Image Credit: Jenny

The funky and playful mix of outdoor sitting furniture and poufs in black and white combo creates an awesome impression and makes this spot absolutely gorgeous. Even more, the perky cushions and hanging flags make the ambiance even more irresistable.


Feminine Black & White Patio Design

chic-black-and-white-outdoor-spaces-10-554x834Image Credit: Style me pretty

The black and white striped outdoor furniture design is a complete guess in this outdoor space that is overwhelmed with greenery. Those adorable vases and the delightful flower bouquets in it add to the chic and lovely appeal over here.


Lovely Black & White Patio Design

773c51ee420be5ee46c16ac02ddffa76Image Credit: Home Trend Design

This amazing outdoor spot is embellished with some black and white furniture, and an adorable outdoor canopy design that makes the ambiance breezy and dreamy at the same time. We love the dash of lemon green decorative elements and flowers on the carved iron table with glass top, as it fits the greenery backdrop.


Sophisticated Black & White Patio Design

bd9b4bc783bd027dfef005b6d34192f3Image Credit: Mostardela

Now this is something different! This incredible patio design radiates with style and sophistication. The whole color scheme is black and white, including the house exterior, the spotlessly beautiful outdoor furniture, perky decorative elements and even the fireplace.


Gorgeous Black & White Patio Design

furniture-dining-room-magnificent-white-wooden-long-table-and-simplistic-chairs-with-black-and-white-cushions-ikea-dining-sets-as-well-as-natural-brick-exposed-wall-landscape-and-black-windows-Image Credit: Delikatessen

This patio is clearly transformed into a outdoor dining space and it looks absolutely splendid. We can not decide what do we like the best from this all black and white ambiance since everything looks perfect. Oh ok, maybe the hanging white fabrics, as they are the main charmer in this dreamy looking spot.


Adorable Black & White Patio Design

a8ee836eb5bd23893021599362d1ae7fImage Credit: Hp Mirror

This amazing patio is looking wonderful. The chic and lovely black and white color scheme is perked out with some small, but cute yellow details. We must say that our favorites are the carved iron chairs and that superb hanging lantern. Quite impressive, don’t you think?


Amazing Black & White Patio Design

chic-black-and-white-outdoor-spaces-27Image Credit: Jenny

This amazing, almost rustic outdoor ambiance is complemented with black and white setting and it looks effortlessly beautiful. The hanging bare bulbs bring some boho spirit to the spot.


Dynamic Black & White Patio Design

Decorating with Black and White-4-(HB)Image Credit: Arde Magazine

This superb striped black and white patio is everything but the regular patio design. It radiates with style, dynamic spirit and impressive design.


Breezy Black & White Patio Design

chic-black-and-white-outdoor-spaces-19Image Credit: Moms and Mojitos

You don’t need much to transform your patio into cute little getaway. This outdoor spot with white chairs and just a few black moments shows us that you can enjoy in your beautiful patio on a budget. Just how creative is the white fabric that is fixed on those long sticks and serves as a sun blocker! Amazing!


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