10 Gorgeous Green Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

It is no secret that the colors do have some kind of influence on you and affect your mood and your thoughts in many ways. Some of them work as an energy boost, while others tend to calm and relax. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the perfect color for your interior, it is important to make the right choice, depending of course from the room itself and what kind of atmosphere are you desiring for it.So many colors around, so many different looks. Still, there are some colors that go perfectly with a certain room, and if you are thinking about a new bedroom color and you ask us for advice, we will surely say: go green! Green represents nature and is considered as a color that is most restful for the eye. Green is the perfect combo of the freshness of the blue and the vividness of the yellow. It elicits feelings of peace and serenity. It has a calming and soothing effect and is believed to relieve stress, by helping people relax. It is even said that it helps with fertility, which makes green an extremely popular choice for a bedroom, considering all the benefits it brings. Light or dark green, forest green, grass green, emerald… in addition you have several nice green bedroom ideas to help you inspire and  choose your perfect green oasis of tranquility. Enjoy!

Wonderful Green Bedroom Design

Green-Bedroom-PaintingImage Credit: Houzz

The grass green wall color in this bedroom is perfectly complemented with some rustic white and light brown furniture and light brown wooden floor. The flower bed sheeting is just adding to the vibrant atmosphere, making you feel like you’re on some getaway retreat in the nature when you enter this room. You can almost hear little birds singing in here. Totally relaxing and peaceful.



Fresh Green Bedroom Design

fresh-bedroom-ideasImage Credit: Channel4

The light green walls and same colored pillows are like a breath of fresh air in this room. Neutral shades of brown, let green accents take center stage. The bold and sleek look and the natural light fit perfectly with the elegant design of the bedroom.


Vibrant Green Bedroom Design

sharp-the-green-bedroom-firstImage Credit: The Glam pad

This vibrant green wallpaper with flower motif turn this bold white bedroom into a interesting and lively spot. The perfectly same green color details on the bed sheeting just frame the already sleek look. The vintage chandelier that portrays a bird cage is simply adorable.


Elegant Green Bedroom Design

101194903.jpg.rendition.largestImage Credit: Classic Chic Home


An amazing pick of colors and patterns. This color combination creates rich and inviting space. The forest green details fit perfect with the creamy white look and darker brown furniture in this elegant and classy bedroom.


Inspiring Green Bedroom Design

13-spark-loft-3Image Credit: The Glam pad

Wow! Entering this room is so exotic, feels like a trip to the Amazons. The green bamboo wallpaper is completely amazing. The lightning just complement this super- tropical atmosphere, as well as the plants. The mirrored effect furniture adds depth and drama to the space for a complete original exotic getaway in your own bedroom.


Retro Green Bedroom Design

wonderful-green-bedroom-decorationImage Credit: Home Designing

Mixing different shades of green with some neutral colors and flower patterns creates this wonderful atmosphere which takes us on a trip to the 70’s. The adorable retro touch gives this room vibrant, lively and funky look.


Eclectic Green Bedroom Design

green-room-colorImage Credit: Houzz

Have a favourite shade of green? Go ahead and use it on an entire wall. Then unleash your creativity with some unique vintage elements to liven up the bold look and you’ll have a completely adorable bedroom. It is always a good idea and it’s super-easy to cheer up a space with just a few different patterned pillows on the bed. A complete guess.



Gorgeous Dark Green Bedroom Design

bedroom-furniture-terrific-dark-green-bedroom-walls-with-warm-lighting-decor-dark-green-paint-wall-pine-wood-photo-frame-wall-decal-simple-1-panel-textured-primed-white-solid-bedroom-door-dark-espr-948x654Image Credit: Houzz

This deep green wall simply can not go unnoticed. Darker shades of green go perfectly with dark brown furniture, especially leather, creating some classy and sophisticated look for your bedroom.


Chic Green Bedroom Design

home_sp12_006-ms_EL_10may12_pr_bImage Credit:Dulux

Loving this chic and sleek bedroom. The ruby pink curtain and the perky flower bed sheets liven up the bold and cool light green wall. Such a cozy and welcoming spot.


Calming Green Bedroom Design

bedroom-color-green-1748Image Credit: House Beautiful 

Capture the calming effect and tranquility by using pistachio green on your bedroom walls. Pair muted tones with neutral colors to create welcoming and calming space. The portraits above the headboard in this room are, by the way, mysteriously beautiful.

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