10 Gorgeous Living Room Interior Design Ideas From All Around The World

The living room is the heart of each and every  home. This is the place where you spend most of your day,  gather with family and friends, and of course, where you welcome your guests and visitors. Your living room expresses your lifestyle and taste, and says a lot about your personality. Fact is, that the living room should be as comfortable and cozy as it gets, but sometimes you are allowed to release your imagination and go on another level by decorating and styling it some untypical way. Wouldn’t it be nice if your living room was exotic as the orient, or wild as an African safari, or mysterious in Asian style? Can you imagine trip in the Mediterranean in your own living room? Do you want to feel seductive as a French, or laid back as an Mexican? Let us take you on a trip around the world and let’s explore together some living room styles from all over the globe, so you can find some inspiration for your own themed living room. Get ready and enjoy the ride!


 Amazing Mediterranean Style Living Room

Mediterranean-Style-1-620x412Image Credit: Hgtv

Who wouldn’t want to create a Mediterranean oasis in their homes? The so- called ‘Spanish Modern’ is a look that everyone loves. The warm terra-cotta colors in this room fit perfectly with the view of inevitable deep blues of the sky and the ocean. Simply breath-taking. 


Interesting African Style Living Room

african styleImage Credit: Inayirs

Explore the wildness and naturalism of an African Safari motif for your living room design. You can almost hear the sound of the African drums. For adventurous souls only. 



Vivid Mexican Style Living Room

Mexican-living-room-design1 Image Credit: Houzz

So vibrant and lively. Go for a fun fiesta of color and pattern. Let the sunshine into your home by decorating your living room Mexican style.


Cool Asian Style Living Room Design

asian-living-roomImage Credit: Houzz

Bring a touch of the always interesting Asia into your living room. Mix traditional and Asian element into your design scheme for an eclectic, yet elegant look.


Modern Scandinavian Living Room Design

Modern-Scandinavian-Living-Room-Design-2014Image Credit: One Kind Design


Modern, simple, clear and adorable. The practicality and the sleekness of this eclectic living room is amazing. Loving how the big and very unique chandelier stands out from all the simple elements around.


Incredible Indian Living Room Design

Interior-Design-for-Indian-home-Style4Image Credit: Hgtv

If you choose a taste of India in your living room, sets of Indian origin designs will add an amazing  tradition and charm atmosphere in it. You can never get enough from colors, such as this red wine color. Your room will shine mystery and will surely be noticed. 


Exotic Moroccan Living Room Design

morrocanImage Credit: Momtoob

This is a look that brings to mind the desert, Arabian nights and a real flavor of the exotic. Moroccan interiors display a dazzling array of colors, geometric and floral patterns. This kind of room is ideal for drinking Moroccan tea and smoking shisha. 


Cool Native American Living Room Design

native american rusticImage Credit: Houzz

This living room consists of combination between natural wooden styles with southwest styles. Typical Native American interior style has of a lot of warm colors, geometric patterns ,rugs, blankets and as shown, even a canoe hanged on the ceiling. Cool enough.



Traditional American Living Room Design

american-living-room-tv-background-wall-partition-design Image Credit:Pottery Barn


This is the perfect example of a traditional American spacious living room situated in some suburb house. Can’t go wrong with natural colors, classic design and some country touch.


Elegant French Country Style Living Room Design

French-Country-Living-Room-PiecesImage Credit: Houzz

Voulez-vous boire du vin avec moi ce soir? This elegant and romantic living room design has the infamous French Country taste in it. The all natural colors make the ambience of the space refined, and very pleasant.

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