10 Impressive Beach House Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Are you a passionate beach-lover who enjoys watching the ocean and hearing the soothing sound of the waves? Of course you are, because, let’s be honest- all of us are. And wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do that from your very own living room? It would be the most amazing thing in the world, right? For those of you, who can afford themselves a nice little ( or even more- enormous ) beach house, and a living room with a stunning view of the sea or the ocean, congratulations, you have won a jack pot! We can’t think of anything more to say than, enjoy the benefits of your coastal beauty and make your stay there even nicer, by decorating your living room and styling it the way you like. Nothing beats the view you most probably have, but adding a beautiful design and a few things here and there, can make your beach house living room a true paradise. Here are some ideas to inspire you to beautify your already-gorgeous room. Enjoy!


Beautiful Neutral Beach House Living Room Design

DP__Arianna-Noppenberger-modern-neutral-living-room_h_lgImage Credit:Contemporist

Create a serene spot by going all neutral on your beach house living room interior.  Modern minimalist design, soft neutral colors and the inevitable spacious windows to allow the coastal breeze to flow right into the room. Truly amazing!



Exotic Beach House Living Room Design

e5ba4d13e07972635f9dcd2128f86d87Image Credit: Ocean Houseri

This modern beach house living room has an exotic appeal. Can’t go wrong with warm earth colors, minimalist design and some mysterious decorations. And the view, of course. A complete guess.


Soft Beach House Living Room Design

1c6cf0c97919d20e0ffc9c17f587e1a2Image Credit: Despont

Wow! This soft creamy interior really gives us this room a wonderful, serene appeal. Looks so smooth and silky, it makes you think that the one and only thing you can do here is enjoy. Loving the unique chandelier.


Fresh Beach House Living Room Design

9e3f57056f341a36a092412439f71accImage Credit:AD

How fresh and breezy does this room feel? All-white interior has never looked better. Clean and sleek, and  yet so cozy and laid-back.


Modern Beach House Living Room Design

1c41e05b26998b8f9b754d5d78d42ca4Image Credit: Decoist

Props to the designer of this spacious and simply breathtaking beach house living room. Modern and contemporary look for a sleek experience. Extra points for the abstract decoration on the ceiling.


Gorgeous Beach House Living Room Design

DP_SPG-Architects-Simple-living-room-with-vibrant-accents_s4x3_lgImage Credit:Perioclinix

Neutral interior and some fine colorful decorations is always a good idea. Those yellow and orange pillows most probably match the colors of the sun when it sets, and you can surely enjoy that view perfectly from those floor-to-ceiling windows. Absolutely charming.


Beautiful Beach House Living Room Design

DP__Arianna-Noppenberger-modern-living-room-with-fireplace_h_lgImage Credit: Freshome

This living room is flawless. Minimalist design is the right thing to do when you have a view like this. Calm neutral colors and fine sleek lines. And the fireplace? Come on, this is perfect!


Charming Beach House Living Room Design

Charming-Shell-Beach-Residence-Living-Room-Classic-FireplaceImage Credit:Leonard Temes

Now, this is one glamorous and sophisticated beach house living room. All those classy pieces for a stunning royal appeal. You can not decide what is more beautiful, the view inside, or outside.


Stunning Beach House Living Room Design

616f883202aa4c9b922d31ede0e4aa5dImage Credit:Mauistate

Absolutely breathtaking. This one is definitely our favorite. Everything in this space fits so well and looks perfect. Those stone walls sure are a good idea and really complement this classy beach house living room.


Simple Beach House Living Room Design

Living-Room-Furniture-ideas-in-Luxurious-13500000-House-in-Malibu-Dream-Beach-HouseImage Credit:

This eclectic room has a simple, laid-back and cozy appeal. You don’t need much to enjoy your beach house living room, right? Just relax, feel the ocean breeze and enjoy the view.


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