10 Incredible Interior Design Ideas with Eiffel Chairs

The so- called Eames Eiffel Chair is the “IT furniture” at this very moment among the modern interior design lovers. This chair got that very popular name by the look of its legs that adorably reminds us of the structure of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The infamous chair is a masterpiece by the brothers Eames. They created a chair that is simple, with gracious form that fits any body and every place. This Molded Plastic Side Chair is made of 100 percent recyclable polypropylene, it has a subtle matte texture and notable durability and is available in five colors and a variety of upholstery and base options making it an endlessly versatile option for living, dining and work spaces. Naturally, the amazing design of the Eiffel Tower caught our attention and we searched for various different designs of it, and how do they fit into all kinds of environment. Check them out and enjoy!

Colorful and transparent Eames Eiffel Chairs

midcentury-dining-room (Copy)Image Credit: www.houzz.com

Mix & match of colored and transparent Eames Eiffel side chair replica with colorful cushions. Thanks to that, this dining room looks striking, vibrant and modern.


 Sunny Yellow Eames Eiffel Chairs

dining room yellow eames chairs cococozyImage Credit: www.welke.nl

Amazing yellow Eames Eiffel chairs with armrests that provide this dining room with a fresh and funky appeal. Love how the chair color pops out and it livens up the whole space.



 Electric Blue Eames Eiffel Chairs

dining_blue chairsImage Credit: www.interiorsbystudiom.com

Beautiful electric blue choice of Eames Eiffel chairs placed into a classic setting for a complete eclectic look.


Various Different Colored Eames Eiffel Chairs

eames eiffel chair wooden legs 5Image Credit: www.linkdeco.se

Mix of all different kind of calm shades of Eames Eiffel Chairs with wooden legs for both vivid, yet balanced appeal. Along with the other unique rather royal looking decorations in this spacious dining room, make the space look glorious and impressive.


 Khaki Beige Eames Eiffel Chairs

sfgirlbybayImage Credit: www.purewow.com

Khaki beige Eames Eiffel Chairs and same colored chandelier, paired with some classic rich brown wood furniture and wooden floor, for an absolute classic design of a bold dining room.


Vibrant Lime Green Eames Eiffel Chairs

9d27ae5c644507900edf3843f0343f83 (Copy)

Image Credit: www.cocondedecoration.com

Vibrant, funky lime green color of Eames Eiffel chairs provides instant freshness into this small but lovely dining spot.



Serene White Eames Eiffel Chairs

eames eiffel chair wooden legs 6

Image Credit: www.giesendesign.com

Of course that you can never go wrong by choosing white in all white background, and in this case, choosing those beautiful Eames Eiffel chairs and putting them into this modern Scandinavian dining spot. Crispy white paired with beige makes a serene, fresh and elegant look.



Air Force Blue Eames Eiffel Chairs

65Image Credit: hypebeast.com

That unique air force blue shade of the Eames Eiffel chairs with wooden legs in a combination with minimalist red table and big light fixture are generating a striking look and a vibrant appearance into this dining spot.


 Soft Beige Eames Eiffel Chairs

eames eiffel chair wooden legs 2 (Copy)

Image Credit: esvinter.ru

Beige Eames Eiffel chairs with wooden legs are the perfect choice for a warm and welcoming look of your space. Pair them with neutral or white shades and you’ll get unmistakably lovely and cozy spot.



Grass Green Eames Eiffel Chairs

eames-eiffel-chairImage Credit: decor8blog.com

As we said before, the Eames Eiffel chairs are not only a brilliant choice for your dining room, you can also incorporate them into your working spot or even in your kid’s room. Look how awesome do this green Eiffel chairs look into this lovely teenager’s room.

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