10 Inspiring Backyard Design Ideas

With the spring in its shining glow and the summer slowly approaching , not a single person wants to stay inside and everybody’s desire is to go out, enjoy the sunshine and some breath of fresh air. And where in the world would you do that and feel most comfortable, if not in your own little patio?  For those of you, who are lucky enough to live in a house with a backyard, it is easy to spend a laid back Sunday there, barbecuing  with your family, have a relaxed patio dinner party with friends, or simply to enjoy a fresh breeze in a hot summer night.  In order to do that and  enjoy to the max, you should most probably readjust, arrange and style that space for the occasion. There are millions of ways in which you can decorate and landscape your backyard, depending on the available space you have, on the funds you plan on spending and on your personal needs and desires. We have collected some awesome ideas, to simply inspire you in styling your patio and using each and every inch of it the right way. Check the ideas out, enjoy them and feel free to steal some of them!


Beautiful Mediterranean Patio Design


Image Credit : Luxury State

Evidently, the beautiful Mediterranean interior of this wonderful house is complemented with this nice looking backyard it the same style. The comfortable creamy white sofa and the wooden coffee table blend in the au-naturel colors of the environment. Looks and feels so relaxing and cozy.


Romantic Patio Design

b8522450535a3fddabfb067f3016007cImage Credit: Zillow

This enchanting patio in medieval style with a breathtaking view has left us speechless. The classical look is highlighted through the big chandelier and the vintage candle holders. Those curtains bring a touch of romantic to the place.


Cool Patio Design

wooden atructureImage Credit: Houzz

Such a nice and creative idea for a backyard! This interesting wooden structure is the perfect spot for relaxing and hiding from the sunlight when it is too strong, and still feeling some fresh breeze. The outdoor wicker set blends in in the atmosphere. Everything looks amazing.


Modern Patio Design

57f2af6a740037bb5ff84c66c32b1d99Image Credit: Rightmove

Simple, yet amazing patio design. Never minding the strictness of a minimalist black and white furniture, the whole space looks playful and natural, because of the vibrant lightning, the numerous plants and the wooden wall set up. The candles just add up to the warmness and coziness of this welcoming spot.


French Country Style Patio Design

4f2b28311f2a0e772db85d8a18985da4Image Credit:hgtv

Our favorite. Can not even decide what we like more, the metal designed chairs and table, the warm candelabra look, the wooden ceiling or his majesty- the fireplace! This french country inspired backyard hasn’t got a single flaw in it. Marvelous look.


Beautiful Patio Design

Keep an outdoor structure uncovered to increase the sense of space and the yard views remain intact. Pendant candelabraImage Credit: pier1

Keeping an outdoor structure uncovered is a complete guess if you want to increase sense of space and if you like to keep the view of the yard intact. This patio looks chic and sleek, and is styled with some vintage decorations. Loving the pendant candelabra.


Black and White Patio Design

b&wImage Credit: Pottery Barn

Can’t go wrong by going all black and white on your patio. The timeless monochrome combo fits perfectly just anywhere, and the backyard is not an exception. This place looks super-nice and feels like it’s the perfect spot for an afternoon coffee or a glass of wine in the evening.


Elegant Patio and Pool Design

backyard-design-elegantImage Credit: Hgtv

You are already lucky enough if you have a nice little backyard of your own. But if you own a backyard with a fireplace, and a sophisticated pool next to it, then we may be even jealous of it. Just kidding. If you have the desire, space and funds for you to make a patio that looks something like this, than you are one blessed man. Enjoy all the way the benefits of a private oasis in your patio, because it looks and feels absolutely gorgeous.


Amazing Patio Design

A very nice outdoor patio setup with a huge pergolaImage Credit:Bhg

How wonderful does this patio looks? A perfect spot for a romantic evening getaway with your beloved one under the stars. This huge pergola is completely outstanding. The firepit, the numerous lights and the candles make this space look so relaxing and warm.  It simply radiates with grace.


Bohemian Patio Design

eb0aa1f333aeacafaa46bbbb333cdec2Image Credit: Houzz

The vibrant and lively look of this place is so welcoming. Colorful decorations meet interesting and cozy elements and numerous plants for an adorable bohemian look. Just look at the scull flower pot, how unique is that? Cool, relaxing and funky backyard.


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