10 Interesting Boys’ Themed Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

We all know that the parents’ love for their children is the biggest and purest love in the whole wide world, and that they would do anything in order to make their children feel happy and satisfied. So, it’s no wonder that when the time comes for creating and decorating the kids’ own little space- its private room, every parent would try to make anything possible, just to fulfill each and every need and wish the kid has, and making the dream room come true. Those of you who are blessed with children, know that your kid almost always knows exactly what it likes and has a personal hero or is enthusiastic about something in particular, which makes choosing the theme for a room an easy job. When your pride and joy is a boy, and when it comes to little boys’ desires, it is almost always a superhero theme, sometimes a nautical style or even a pirate one. Your little man should be able to express himself in his room, to feel like an adventurous explorer or a sailor, to be a hero who saves the world and to always be the king in his kingdom. The most important thing is to unleash his imagination and allow him to feel nice and to grow carelessly in his own bedroom. Here are some fresh and interesting themes, and of course some educational ideas for your little sons’ room to inspire you and him as well, and to help you decorate his own little personal themed spot in the family house. Have fun and enjoy!


Superhero Themed Boys’ Room Design

dadaadaaaImages Credit: Intrahalld

Allow your boy to grow up dreaming of a better world and wanting to do just anything to save it. Let him be a Spiderman, Superman, Batman or any kind of hero he wants in his room, just as long as he fights for the good for all of us.


Space Inspired Boys’ Room Design

spaceImage Credit: Houzz

Wow! This room looks like a space ship taking you directly to the space. If your boy is a space fan and is enthusiastic about the planets, comets, space dust and all the space stuff he can think of, this is a nice way to take him on his dream trip to the stars and fulfill his wish to be a cosmonaut.


Nautical Boys’ Room Design

img_0388-767x511Image Credit: Elle Decor

This shared boys room in nautical style looks adorable. The identical boat-beds and all the equivalent accessories around are simply too interesting and cute. Make your boys feel like brave captains of a ship and take them sailing on a cruise around the world  in this authentical nautical themed room.


Sports Boys’ Room Design

toddler-boy-room-ideas-002Image Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

Develop your boy’s sports spirit by making his room a fan pit place for his favourite team. There is no better way for your child to grow, than by playing some sport and living a healthy lifestyle from his earliest childhood. Encourage him! Go team!


Star Wars Inspired Boys’ Room Design

2012boysrm_1000Image Credit: Channel4

In a case where your boy is a big fan and has a strong passion about some movie or a series, for example Star Wars, fulfill his wish and allow him to enjoy in his own Star Wars- kingdom, or any other kind of kingdom he likes. But be sure that “The force is strong with this one! “.


Animal Friendly Boys’ Room Design

kids-room-bedroom-amazing-boys-bedroom-ideas-pictures-with-white-shade-glass-chandelier-and-single-white-wooden-beds-cool-brown-quilt-and-smart-black-striped-rugs-on-flooring-and-woods-white-dresser-1280x800Image Credit: Decoist

A dog is certainly a man’s best friend in this cute little animal friendly room. If your kid loves his dog more than anything in the world, make his room a perfect spot for him to hang out or relax with his fluffy friend. Woof!


Cute Boys’ Room Design

country-toddler-boys-bedroom-ideasImage Credit: Ramtco

This room surely looks like a trip around the globe. Let your kid’s imagination run free by letting him know there’s a whole new world out there for him to explore. Fun and educational at the same time. An amazing concept for your curious little boy’s room.


Jungle Inspired Boys’ Room Design

Funny-Jungle-Murals-in-Kids-BedroomImage Credit: Children Rooms

This exotic room will take your boy closer to the jungle and make him get to know better and fall in love with the wild animals of the world. Such an interesting place to hang out with all the jungle friends around!


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