10 Interesting Colorful Living Room Interior Design Ideas

For those of you who are brave enough to decorate a new, non-traditional and eye-catching living room, or transform your old and somewhat dull, into a fresh new and interesting one, we suggest you to try decorating with burst of colors. Decorating your living room in many different colors is always a good idea, and it isn’t hard thing to do. The living room is the place where you gather with your family, friends and guests, so choosing bright and positive colors for it will bring an additional positive energy and vibe to the room. Colors do have great impact on our mood and senses, so do not hesitate in taking the best of them. Let your imagination run free and play with colors, patterns, perky designs and cheerful decorations. Colorful furniture, rugs, pillows and decorative elements are more than welcomed into these settings. We have picked out one of the most fun and interesting colorful living room designs for you, to inspire you in making your own living room a nice and welcoming place filled with positive energy and cheerful spirit. Read on and get inspired!


Vibrant Colorful Living Room Design

vibrant-yellow-living-roomImage Credit: www.okviagem.com

Just look at how those bright and happy colors bring tons of positive energy as soon as you look at the photo, let along enter the room. That beautiful yellow wall and all those yellow accessories, the splash of pink and blue, that vibrant rug, even the plant make this living room vivid, funky and welcoming.



Chic Colorful Living Room Design

decoholic._org_2012_09_27_m-house-colorful-design-by-oikia-studio_-630x520Image Credit: wdeck.com

Just notice the design of the colorful sofa, the unique fuchsia armchair, that cute little coffee table, and the chandelier? So much coolness into this awesome, funky and cool colorful living room.


Cool Colorful Living Room Design

bright-interior-decor-living-room-colorfulImage Credit: betterhousekeeper.com

Dove gray and creamy white is a beautiful choice for your walls as it gives you freedom to choose your room decor in any color you like. Liven up the space with some colorful art, lively pillows and colorful accessories and you’re done.


Interesting Colorful Living Room Design

really-colorful-and-bright-living-room-designImage Credit: www.caseofstyle.com

This is one super-fresh and funky living room design. It radiates with energy, youth and positive spirit. The eclectic setting with some perky colors is an absolute guess.


Awesome Colorful Living Room Design

plain-living-room-with-colorful-accentsImage Credit: hpmirror.com

Plain living room with lots of interesting art pictures on the wall and additional colorful furniture. It has a vivid and cozy appeal and it looks interesting and welcoming.


Pastel Colorful Living Room Design

Calm-Color-Combination-for-Colorful-Living-Room-Decorating-Ideas-with-Brown-and-White-Sofa-also-Colorful-Pillow-and-Laminate-Floor-with-White-Sofa-and-Two-Floor-LampImage Credit: decorforu.blogspot.de

Choose lighter, pastel colors in your living room if you want t achieve smoother and calmer look. This room looks beautifully serene and absolutely adorable.


Luscious Colorful Living Room Design

decorationforlife._com_30-modern-and-luscious-living-room-design-ideas-2013_-630x630Image Credit: casamaisdecorada.blogspot.de

Dark grey walls and floor is a complete guess if you want to add eye-catching colorful details. This room is perfectly colorized with the yellow funky accessories and that fuchsia coffee table. Absolutely amazing.



Modern Living Room Design with Colorful Accents

contemporary-room-design-rooms-ideas-small-modern-how-to-decorate-decor-house-decorating-home-interior-living-room-with-colorful-rug-1058x643Image Credit: www.gaiff.com

If you want to stick with the modern design for your living room, no problem. Just add a splash of color on the floor, for example a rainbow colorful carpet, and you have an instant positive appeal into the space.


Beautiful Living Room Design with Colorful Accents

minimalist-living-room-with-colorful-art-and-pillowsImage Credit: hotstyledesign.com

Bright white living room leaves you endless choices of colors which you can add into it. Choose pink and blue for a beautiful chic appeal. Insert chandelier which presents a disco ball for an additional wow effect and an adorable look.


Bright Living Room Design with Colorful Accents

bright-turquoise-living-roomImage Credit: francotechnogap.com

By painting your wall into bright color and adding another color in the furniture, you are allowed to go totally monochrome on the rest of the room, and at the end you’ll still have colorful, vibrant living room design.

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