10 Lovely Teen Girl Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

The teenage years are most probably the best, the most active and fun years of our lives. Teenagers live in their own little world, full of imagination. When it comes to decorating and styling a teen room, teenagers often know exactly what they want for their room. In choosing what’s best for them, we must remember that they are becoming their own grown-up person, have their own wishes and desires which need to be respected. Decorating a teenage girl’s room generally differs from decorating young boy’s room. It can be a real challenge, and at the same time interesting and fun job to do. The young girl should feel free, feminine and to enjoy in her bedroom. It should express her feelings, her style and most of all, her personality. This room includes a lot of bright feminine colors, girly accessories, fun decorations and vivid spirit. We have chosen some of the most girly rooms ever in order to inspire you and your teenage girl, to create the loveliest and chicest spot for her. Read on and enjoy!

Alluring Teenage Girl Room Design

371-teen-girl-room-decorImage Credit: www.giesendesign.com

Just look at this amazing, chic & sleek girl’s room! It even has a bubble bath in it! So soft and silky. This is a perfect example of an adorable, stylish girl’s kingdom decorated with a lot of cute colorful decorations for a complete alluring appeal.



Fabulous Teenage Girl Room Design

abstract-wall-decorating-ideas-for-little-girls-room-1024x677Image Credit: www.giesendesign.com

Now, this is some serious sophistication and style in a girl’s bedroom. A wonderful combination of grace and elegance, feminine soft and strong colors and puffy chic details.



Serene Teenage Girl Room Design

teenage-girl-room-designs-girls-bedroom-design-ideasImage Credit: thehomealarms.com

This setting looks so soft and serene. Those fluffy white clouds and sky on the ceiling absolutely fit in the soft and silky atmosphere in this lovely girl’s bedroom. Every single detail is on its perfect spot.


Lovely White Teenage Girl Room Design

01-luxury-girls-bedroom-designs-by-pm4Image Credit: www.eojphoto.com

White is a marvelous choice if you want to have a smooth and soft look in your teenage girl’s bedroom. Add some fun cow patterned fabrics to liven up the all white furniture and you’re done.


Adorable Teenage Girl Room Design

bbImage Credit:www.homevixcom.com

Can’t get any more chic than soft pink walls, girly patterns and elegant decorations in your teenage girl’s bedroom. The romantic chandelier adds to the gracefulness in this spot.


Beautiful Teenage Girl Room Design

Canopy-beds-For-the-Modern-Bedroom-Freshome-221Image Credit: www.perioclinix.com

Adorable example of a teenage girl’s bedroom with a touch of a french country style in it. This lovely little room looks so nice and cozy. This cute canopy bed with white curtains and a glass pendant light above it is absolutely wonderful.


Stunning Teenage Girl Room Design

bedroom-decorating-idea-luxury-design-ideas-with-dinamic-room-for-mansion-teenage-girls-bedroom-its-so-amazing-impressive-design-ideas-with-girly-decorating-for-teenage-girls-s-bedroomImage Credit: www.gahzebo.com

Choosing red walls for your teenage girl’s bedroom will add a dose of glamour and elegance in it. Lots of different fabrics and patterns and red accessories and still the space doesn’t look overwhelmed, but nice and appealing. Such a romantic and beautiful design for your girl.


Amazing Teenage Girl Room Design


Image Credit: www.osusinc.com

This colorful romantic decorated girl’s bedroom is really cute and fun. Such a lovely and vibrant look and feels so vivid, comfortable and cozy. Lots of details, hanging decorations, wall art and chic accessories. Absolutely fabulous.



Beautiful Teenage Girl Room Design

6137abe1cfa268b45fbb14f103aabb92Image Credit: www.darcane.com

Who would have taught that black looks so good combined with white and baby pink? Absolutely fabulous design of a teenage girl’s bedroom with black paneled walls, black and white striped carpet and lovely pink decorations and bed sheeting.



Inspiring Teenage Girl Room Design


Image Credit: stylishouse.com

How come, that a room with aqua blue walls looks so soft and feminine? It’s all in the details. Splash of pastel pink, stunning eye-catching chandelier and romantic bed design. Loving how the bed headboard pattern matches with the curtains. Really calming and serene.


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  1. Stunning collection of teen girl bedroom interior designs. All the room has fairy tale touch which makes them luxurious and theme based according to the choice of a teen aged girl. Recently I had designed a room for one of my client on Barbie theme.
    Mamta Bajaj
    Interior Designer

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