10 mistakes which you should never make while designing a modular kitchen

Kitchens are supposed to be the coziest space in your household. A center for activity, this is where a family comes together to eat their meal, discuss their day and have laughs. On occasions when guests and close family friends come over, it is the kitchen that doubles up as the living room with people sharing work, having their drinks, and enjoying the moments. In every home, kitchens are witness to some of the most memorable moments – right from the kid trying to get to the jar of sugar to grown up longing for the taste of home cooked meals by their mother. Thus, kitchen designing is a long term investment. With all those emotions that will be attached to the place, here are some common mistakes that every homemaker should be careful about.   sleekmodularkitchen A perfect Modular kitchen design from SleekWorld

1. Kitchens space should neither be too constrained, nor too expansive. It’s true that not all homemakers have the option to choose a bigger kitchen space and settle with smaller rooms. But ensure that it doesn’t get more cluttered as you keep on adding to your kitchen assets. On the other hand, too large a kitchen space will conflict with the sense of coziness it is expected to provide.

2. The most important spaces in the kitchen comprise of the cooking area (stove), washing area (sink) and the refrigerator. Don’t install the sink too far off if you are looking to make cooking more efficient.

3.There are many homeowners who ignore the need of storage when designing their modular kitchens. Never settle with the minimum. Always keep room for addition to your storage units. Choose a modular kitchen design that lets you add cabinets and racks later.

4. Another common mistake is to have a small counter for cooking. While it may work in the initial days, it can be crippling when a kids comes into your life or your social circle expands.

5. Poor lighting is another common mistake with homeowners. Lighting can be a vital tool to brighten up the mood of the kitchen ad make cooking easier. Adequate lighting even makes the kitchen look more spacious.

6. Next, never use the same material for the backsplash area as used in the rest of the walls. This is the space that will need maximum maintenance, it should be easy for you to wash and clean the soot. Go for tiles, washable paints and similar alternatives.

7. Another important thing to note would be the opportunity of ventilation. Kitchens, be it traditional or modular, should always be well ventilated to bring in the fresh air and easily get rid of the spice in the air.

8. Never go straight for designs that have been featured on your favorite magazines. Kitchens should be build according to your lifestyle and requirements. Check out the latest modular kitchen design in India and go for something that suits your needs.

9. When buying appliances and making color choices, always be practical. Things should just look good but also make the space more efficient.

10. Lastly, it is always good to work with an expert. Not investing in the services of an experienced designer can cost your convenience in the near future.

No matter how different our lifestyles may be, a lot of activity revolves around the kitchen. Maintenance of a modular kitchen is fairly simple if you properly follow the above mentioned steps. Sleek modular kitchen is the best brand if you want to go for a modular kitchen with varieties of designs that will allure your Kitchen space.

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