10 Outstanding Living Room Interior Design Ideas with Glass Walls

Your living room is the place where you mostly spend your time when you are at home, and the place where you welcome your guests and visitors. That means that you should consider making this space as comfortable as it takes, and at the same time to achieve a look that reflects your style and personality. If you want to make a statement with your living room look and to create an dramatic appearance of it, than you should definitely try something like a installing a glass wall into your living room. Having a glass wall will surely provide an airy and breezy ambiance, and at the same time striking appeal and unique experience in your own living space. Most probably your glass wall will open up the place with a beautiful outdoor view, so get ready to stun and inspire with your living room design. We have gathered some breathtaking glass wall living room designs, so feel free to check them out and to get inspired in creating one in your own living room space. Read on and enjoy!

Gorgeous Living Room Design with Glass Wall

881017a789612b836d3841ff3991e748Image Credit: Novureyouth

This gorgeous living room with high glass walls and sliding door looks incredibly inviting and cozy. The greenery surrounding, the brick fireplace and the lovely butterfly chairs add extra points in the comfort, warmth and natural beauty of this alluring space.


Stunning Living Room Design with Glass Walls

1149-630x354Image Credit: Wallaadoo

This remarkable and sophisticated living room is complemented with glass walls, which provide the space with an extraordinary city view. The modern, minimalist design and the neutral colors create a simple and inviting appeal, while the view from the big glass wall serves as a focal point in the room.



Bright Living Room Design with Glass Walls

c085a1e330fc567aa14c5cd2fd947df0Image Credit: Anordinarywoman

This bright and breezy living room in white and monochrome palette looks even more airy and fresh because of the glass walls that give away an urban view of a terrific skyline. Soft, calm, and at the same time modern and up-to-date look of a gorgeous living room.


Airy Living Room Design with Glass Walls

aa170a3b9c59848fe639d99515d9c2dbImage Credit: Puckdrawn

This living room looks so serene and soft, that has left us absolutely speechless. Crispy white modern furniture and a minimalist design, embellished with some glass walls and a stunning natural lake view evokes a feeling like you are in paradise.



Lovely Living Room Design with Glass Walls

346 Image Credit: Architectureartdesigns

The elegance and grace of this soft living room spot in neutral color palette is additionally accentuated through the glass walls that open a view of a backyard pool. Lovely, chic and stylish design of a perfect modern and exceptional living room.

Charming Living Room Design with Glass Walls

living-room-with-a-view-in-a-miami-duplex-554x443Image Credit: Solgens

This incredibly cozy and inviting coastal living room shows a breathtaking view of the ocean from the glass wall. So breezy and airy, you can hear, watch and almost feel the ocean waves in the comfort of your own living room.


Modern Rustic Living Room Design with Glass Walls

rustic-living-room-ideas-feats-glass-wall-with-natural-view-mixed-with-wooden-coffee-table-970x634Image Credit: Hospicegift

The cozy rustic ambiance in this living room space fits incredibly well with the greenery environment that is shown through the glass walls. Such a relaxing and inviting appeal, feels like a getaway in the nature in your own living room spot.


Chic Living Room Design with Glass Walls

1627-630x398Image Credit: Tiawitty


Super-sleek and chic setting of an incredibly beautiful living room complemented with huge glass walls. The space is so perky, vivacious and lovely, and looks extra breezy and cool because of the view from the glass walls.


Neutral Living Room Design with Glass Walls

super-modern-living-room-with-a-thrilling-view-554x321Image Credit: Mysweetdreaminghome

The calm, bold and modern look of this neutral living room is complemented with some glass wall that opens up a view that fits perfectly with the design of the space -smooth, soft, comfortable and very relaxing.


Striking Living Room Design with Glass Wall and Ceiling

bb0e261d21f508b3338444bc9559a6b2Image Credit: Expedia

The remarkable sleek design of this extravagant living room is complemented with some glass walls and ceiling. In addition, you have the modern fireplace, and the luxurious chandelier, for a wow effect as an end result.






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