10 Serene Neutral Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Your living room is the place where you spend most of your day when you are at home. So, naturally, in there you should always be able to feel comfortable, relaxed and cozy. So it is really important that you decorate and style your living room in a way that suits your personality, your needs and desires. The first thing you do when you start planning and decorating your house, apartment or a room, is picking out the color palette that you want to use. Are you a dynamic person, with an active life and a outgoing personality? Then you should probably choose some strong and bright color for your living room, like for example orange, or maybe yellow. Are you a traveler, who enjoys nature and a laid back life? Than we suggest going with grass green or light blue color for it. Red if you are passionate, black if you are artistic… the choices are infinite. But those of you who aren’t into bright and colorful room designs might be interested in designing their living room in neutral colors. A neutral color scheme helps to create a calm living room. You can never go wrong with a neutral color palette, as it will surely bring serenity and elegance into your living room. A neutral backdrop allows the perfect setup for playful patterns and colors without overwhelming the space. Check out some wonderful neutral interior designs, that we chose for you, in order to inspire you to go all the way natural and neutral on your living room. Enjoy!



 Breathtaking Neutral Living Room  Design

Traditionally-Masterful-Living-Room-Designs-Image-01-Beautiful-Neutral-Deluxe-Living-SchemeImage Credit:Real Simple

The neutral color scheme is perfect to be applied in a room with large space and large windows. This is a great collection of neutrals into a bright and spacious living room. The black wall adds depth and drama in the luminous space. Everything goes together beautifully.



Cozy Neutral Living Room Design

The Great House Suites - Living RoomImage Credit: Great West

Neutral colors allow you to play with patterns and different textures. Layering a space with warm textures in neutrals is a great way to create a comfortable and inviting room. Anchoring your living room with a pair of patterned armchairs to add contrast to a neutral color scheme is a complete guess.



Beautiful Neutral Living Room Design

bright-apartment-living-room-with-dark-sofaImage Credit: Freshome

The spacious and bright room is accompanied with some neutral colors and a dark sofa as a contrast to it, which is a smart move in creating depth in the space. Those cool over sized floor pillows make this living room vibrant and cozy. Perfect combo for a modern contemporary room.


Amazing Neutral Living Room Design

modern-neutral-living-room-1 with dynamic textureImage Credit: interior Design

Such a refine design of a neutral living room with dynamic texture. The election of each and every single detail of the room is extraordinary. The vibe of this modern vibrant living room is fascinating. Super- modern and urban all the way.



Eclectic Neutral Living Room Design

the living room is an eclectic mix of heirloom collectibles, antique furniture and new finds

Image Credit: Prestige

This wonderful living room is an eclectic mix of beautiful collectibles of antique furniture and some classic new finds. Just adjust large amount of light to accentuate the exquisite choice of elements in the room and voilà– the perfect modern eclectic living room design !


Glamorous Neutral Living Room


Image Credit: periciolix

Embraced for its timeless livability, neutral goes well with everything, which is why a neutral living room is so appealing. You can even add a doze of glamour and sophistication into your neutral living room by fancying it up with some shiny details, such as metallic pillows and a maybe some shiny chandelier as a decoration. Loving this luminous modern living room.



Vintage Neutral Living Room Design


Image Credit:

Soft pastels meet gentle neutrals to create a room that is cozy and inviting. The vintage appeal is expressed through the white marble fireplace, the vintage lightning and chandelier. All together make a wonderful atmosphere.



Gorgeous Neutral Living Room Design


Image Credit: HomeZone

Going au-naturel doesn’t need to be dull at all. This contemporary and modern living room is complemented with some unique and eye-catching elements and is simply glowing. Just look at the marvelous design of that coffee table. The abstract decoration on the wall as a conversation center is really impressive.



Urban Neutral Living Room Design


Image Credit: House to Home

Neutral rooms can also be cool. Add some young spirit and vintage touch in it, with unique vintage and retro elements in it. Good idea, right? Check out this awesome and urban living room.


Fresh Neutral Living Room Design


Image Credit: Real Simple

If you love the pop of colorful pillows, this is a chance for you to do it in style. These olive green pillows complement the space and go beautifully with neutral design, especially with warm brown. Even the most simplest room in the world could look super cool with just a touch of color in it.



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