10 Serene Zen Interior Design Ideas

Nowadays, in this fast and erratic times, is almost impossible to find tranquility in our lives, so the least thing we can do for ourselves is to create a nice and relaxing atmosphere in our own home. This is one of the main reasons that the popularity and the demand of the so called zen interior design is increasing rapidly, and it has become a major trend. Zen interior design is inspired from Japanese interiors and their ancient traditions. Zen refers to meditation, and incorporated in interior design it reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. It is often associated with minimalism, simplicity and purity of lines. If you desire to create a soothing and peaceful oasis in your home, check out the beautiful zen interior designs that we chose for you to get you inspired. Lean back, read on and enjoy!


 Beautiful Zen Living Room Design

f4a1bb5aa20f3bd9e93708ee37ca696cImage Credit: www.inidof.es

So simple, yet so incredibly beautiful zen inspired design of a living room. Smooth lines, balanced forms, neutral colors and that relaxing fireplace for a complete soothing and enjoyable experience right there in your own living spot.


 Amazing Zen Living Room Design

bfd3d3961465e3f8e98e533a8a0de102Image Credit: www.thewellappointedcatwalk.com

This Asian inspired  living room design is complemented with concrete walls for an industrial touch, and the mix and match evidently works out just perfect. Loving the splash of orange color which gives the space an incredible warmth.


Incredible Zen Dining Room Design

27-Luxury-asian-style-dining-room-600x898Image Credit: www.perioclinix.com

This spacious and bright dining room is an authentic example of an Asian dining room. The complete minimalist setting with the unique low table and dining chairs , along with the bamboo rugs and the wooden ceiling creates a perfect zen ambiance designed for enjoying in your meal.



 Bright Zen Dining Room Design

29-Zen-dining-room-design-600x595Image Credit : ninjacam.com

Another excellent example of an Asian dining room. The bright but soothing atmosphere, the low dining setting, the comfortable cushions with Asian motifs and even the tea cups, they all make this space a smooth and relaxing place to be.


 Modern Zen Kitchen Design

43-Zen-inspired-kitchen-diner-600x399Image Credit: architizer.com

This modern zen design of a kitchen is on the top of our list. A brilliant choice of modern minimalist white kitchen cabinets, mixed with wooden dining table and benches, and those plants, they are an absolute ‘must’ in a zen designed room as they bring out the calmness of the nature inside your home.


Smooth Zen Bedroom Design

nnImage Credit: www.interiorclip.com

Beautifully looking bedroom complemented with some low designed bed and a unique wooden shelf. Those windows are the highlight in the space and needless to say, the view through them is harmonious and fits perfectly into this minimalist setting.


Neutral Zen Bedroom Design

zen-bedroom-Brown-Bedroom-Page-5Image Credit: www.guatacrazynight.com

So smooth and so gorgeous. The serene neutral colors bring the peaceful atmosphere in this room and the smooth and sleek lines of the furniture, on the headboard and on that unique decorative element make the space look balanced, harmonious and soothing.


Relaxing Zen Bedroom Design

17-Zen-bedroom-scheme-600x900Image Credit: www.perioclinix.com

Wonderful neutral bedroom design, with an amazing wooden floor and  bamboo room divider and window covers, as the zen design ‘must have’. The plant inside the room left us speechless, this is such an incredible idea and a perfect focal point of your meditative area.



Airy Zen Bathroom Design

35-Zen-bathroom-600x391Image Credit: www.perioclinix.com

Because the zen design is so smooth and clean, that makes it a wonderful choice of design for your bathroom. This bathroom looks so airy and sleek with those Asian inspired bathroom elements and so fresh and natural because of the wooden floor and the plants.


Amazing Zen Patio Design

188-630x945Image Credit: www.architectureartdesigns.com

The zen design looks and fits gorgeous just everywhere, included in your backyard patio. Look at how incredibly smooth and nice does this backyard setting look.

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