10 Steps To Turning Your Home Green

It is important that houses are as energy-efficient as possible in order for people to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

There are dozens of ways to save energy and water, which will help to reduce household bills as well as contributing towards a greener planet. From using less water in the bathroom to hiring an electrician in Fremantle, many of these eco-friendly strategies and cheap and quick to implement, so don’t worry about whether going green will break the bank.

Read about the ten best steps for turning a house into an eco-friendly home.

Replace Old Boilers

Inefficient boilers can be extremely inefficient and may cause households to have high energy bills at the end of each month. Check the boiler regularly to see if there are any signs of wear and tear. Boilers which are older than fifteen years should be switched for a brand-new energy-efficient model. This replacement will ensure that household energy bills start to drop.

Repair Faulty Electrics

Damaged or old wiring can lead to power surges and cuts. This leads to electricity being wasted and household bills being higher than they should be. Check appliances for damage and have any faulty wiring replaced. Hire an electrician in Fremantle as soon as possible.

Use Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Replace energy-hungry lightbulbs which more energy-efficient models. These eco-friendly bulbs may take longer to reach their full brightness, so remember to have patience.

Take Showers Instead Of Baths

Showers are an efficient way to get clean in the morning because they use far less water than taking a bath. Showers will reduce the household water consumption. Baths should be reserved as a special treat.

Use Rainwater Instead Of Tap Water For The Garden

Collect rainwater in tanks so that it can be used in the garden instead of spraying the grass with a house. The rainwater tank can be hooked up to a sprinkler system.

Reuse Old Drinking Water To Replenish Houseplants

Instead of throwing away half-drunk glasses of water, why not use them to replenish the houseplants? This will mean that the tap won’t need to be run every time the plants get thirsty.

Don’t Run The Tap When Brushing Teeth

Running the tap when brushing teeth can cause litres of water to be wasted. Instead, fill a cup with water and use that whilst cleaning teeth. This water-saving technique is so simple that even the children can be taught to do it.


Set up recycling bins so that plastic, glass and paper can be easily recycled instead of being thrown away and ending up in a landfill.

Don’t Throw Away Vegetable Clippings Or Eggshells

Vegetable clippings and eggshells can be used to start a compost pile. When preparing meals, put the skins of vegetables to one side so that they can be added to the pile once the meal preparation has been completed.

Don’t Give Children Water-Hungry Toys

Water-hungry toys such as pistols can lead to lots of water being wasted. If the children want to play outside on a hot day, why not organise a leisurely game of badminton?

Use this guide to make the house more eco-friendly


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