10 storage mistakes to avoid in kitchen design

Modern kitchens are designed and styled exquisitely. This not only enhances the looks and appearance of the place, but also makes working and cooking in the kitchen an enjoyable job. Moreover, with modular kitchen setups, kitchens have become more organized with abundant storage space. But it is disheartening to note that many kitchen designs have storage errors, which can reduce the utility of the space considerably.

Here are some common storage errors that must be avoided in a kitchen design

1.Wasting storage space

Modular kitchens come with abundant storage options in the form of cabinets etc. Whether it is equipments, appliances or products – the cabinets store everything. If cabinets cannot be installed due to space problem, try shelves and racks or kitchen trolleys. But do not waste storage space by any means.

2.Emphasize on cabinets in modern kitchens

Do not underestimate the installation of cabinets in modern kitchen designs. While some cabinets come in pre-fabricated mode, some can be built with special order. Have cabinets in different sizes and shapes to cater to varying requirements.

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3.Beware of installing kitchen islands

Many people install kitchen islands for increasing storage in kitchen, but the result can be just the opposite if the island is not installed at the proper place. They can hinder the smooth flow of the kitchen and create chaos in the place.

4.Pay attention to countertop workspace

Countertops come in wide varieties, designs and patterns. Though these are important, it is also vital to note the amount of storage space available there. Things and appliances that are used daily can be nicely arranged on the countertop for easy access.

5.Invest in backsplashes

Majority of people in India ignore the backsplashes as they consider the same as addition expenses. But the backsplash helps in protecting the kitchen walls and other things from dust, grease, steam. Also cleaning the backsplash is easier when compared to plastic paints or wallpaper.

6.Small storage options in smallest of spaces

Kitchen baskets are great storage solutions in small kitchens. If the basket is stylish looking, you can hang the same from a hook and stuff various things inside with ease. You can also keep all small jars in a basket and put it inside a cabinet to keep all containers in the same place.

Picture from: Sleekworld

7.Using the kitchen corners with kitchen trolley deign

Space in kitchen corners are usually wasted. Try installing trolleys in triangular shape in the corners so that the corner is utilized for storing various items. Cleaning the corners is also convenient as the trolley can be pulled out easily.

8.See that the kitchen triangle is not disturbed

The sink, refrigerator and the stove make up the kitchen triangle. Storage options in the kitchen should be designed in such a manner so that these three areas remain unobstructed.

9.Work on good ventilation system in the kitchen

It is very important to keep the kitchen fresh and odorless. And for that installing proper ventilation system is mandatory. High quality ventilation system will help in keeping the air in the kitchen fresh and devoid of any obnoxious odors. The longevity of the kitchen appliances is also enhanced with a good ventilation system in the kitchen.

10.Manage trash effectively in kitchen

Gone are the days of trash bins in the corner of the kitchen. People understand the value of recycling and that has helped in better management of trash. Include sorting bins in the kitchen design for recyclable items.

It is highly recommended to seek assistance of professionals in setting up modern kitchen designs to avoid errors of any kind.

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  1. I want to thank the author for this article because it has helped me avoid many mistakes when choosing kitchen design after repair. I like purple room ideas, I would be like indeed choose this color.

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