10 Stunning Patio Pool Design Ideas

Let’s say that a simple question is asked, and the question goes like this: What would be your dream place to live?  We were simply wondering just how many of you would answer: I would like to live in a beautiful house complemented with some wonderful backyard and a pool in it. Couldn’t agree more, right? A nice little cozy house with a patio and a pool is almost everyone’s most desired place to own. Those of you, who are lucky enough to have a house with a backyard big enough to fit a pool in it, even just a small one, we made a collection of the most beautiful pool designs to inspire you, in order for you to make your patio a wonderful place with even more wonderful pool. And for those who are not that lucky, well, don’t stop dreaming, because dreams do come true one day if you truly want them. However, in any case, all of can us enjoy together and have some virtual fun under the sun in this magical pool designs on the very beginning of the summer season. 


Modern Mediterranean Patio Pool Design

mediteranImage Credit: Mediteranean Pools

This modern infinity pool with a Mediterranean touch is outstanding. We simply can not resist those splendid pool loungers and that vibrant colorful waterfall. Absolutely gorgeous.


Urban Patio Pool Design

landscaping-garden-pool-stylish-gray-umberlla-patio-with-outdoor-sofa-near-minimalist-blue-swimming-pool-and-beautiful-modern-green-landscape-view-awesome-modern-landscape-design-948x634Image Credit: Houzz

Everything about this super-cool-pool is amazing. The beautiful landscape around, the minimalist sofas, the lightning… even those stylish garden umbrellas. Such a modern and urban place. An absolute guess.


Post-Modern Patio Pool Design

modernImage Credit: Archechord

Wow! Mesmerizing view of a post-modern contemporary house and its backyard pool design. The refine and sleek look of this architectural wonder has left us speechless.


Paradise Patio Pool Design

4e85e812890f03cc101bed50ed952eaeImage Credit: Wallmart

This pool feels like a paradise trip to some tropical destination. Hearing that waterfall sound must be so relaxing and soothing. Owning this is like having an actual oasis of serenity in your own backyard.


Impressive Contemporary Patio Pool Design


Image Credit:

This post-modern house with an industrial touch is complemented with an impressive patio pool  in the same style. Such an urban and sophisticated design.


Colorful Patio Pool Design

underwater lightningImage Credit:Jcba

We must admit that those colorful lights inside this big patio pool are making an absolutely gorgeous and serene atmosphere. Luxury, style and sophistication, all in one. The whole spot looks flawless.


Stunning Patio Pool Design

1f82295465d551424bb8e13bf585e7c1Image Credit: Houzz

This stunning patio has it all: beautiful landscape around, a stunning infinity pool, an outdoor brick fireplace, a jacuzzi… even the 2 glasses of wine are not missing! This is most probably what heaven looks like!


Simple Patio Pool Design


Image Credit:Jcba

Why not going with a classic simple design of a backyard pool and adding just the right accessories next to it? Loving this chic, cozy and welcoming look. All you need is a bunch of friends invited, right?


Luxury Patio Pool Design


Image Credit: Tate Studio

Just WOW! We are drooling over this luxurious patio and pool design. Refined style and sophistication all over the place. Marvellous design.


Gorgeous Patio Pool Design


Image Credit: Houzz

This pool complemented patio looks like an authentic lounge or a spa. Creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere and allows you to enjoy to the max. Warm and welcoming all the way.

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