10 Stylish Dark Living Room Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to decorating and styling a living room, most of the people choose light colors, in order to create a bright and lovely ambiance. But for those of you who do not desire a conventional living room design, interior designers suggest that you should try going dark on your living room space. Lately, interior designers are turning to the dark side and they are recommending and incorporating this style saying that deep saturated colors are trending, modern and absolutely gorgeous. If you consider dark hues for your living room, you are deciding for style, sophistication and glamour. Dark tones into your living room will create a perfectly striking and dramatic ambiance, and will certainly make a statement. With the right accessories and light, they scream luxury, elegance and mysterious dark beauty. We have searched for deep inspiration and collected various designs of dark hued living room designs, so feel free to check them out and see whether you like them. Read on and get inspired!


Inspiring Dark Living Room Design

stylish-dark-living-room-designs-28Image Credit: vmdesignblogglobal.wordpress.com

Perfectly striking and glamorous design of a living room. Bold black walls beautified with some catchy artistic details. So masculine but at the same time so chic, this space radiates with sophistication and style.


Pop Art Dark Living Room Design

stylish-dark-living-room-designs-7-554x834Image Credit : www.giesendesign.com

Although dark, this room looks so lively and vibrant, thanks to the incorporated adorable pop art style in it. Vivid and striking details contrast the matte black walls and dark hued furniture for an impressive finish look of this living room.


 Dark Grey Living Room Design

stylish-dark-living-room-designs-17-554x741Image Credit: www.interhomedesigns.com

Modern contemporary designed space complemented with bold grey shade mixed with neutral colors for an inevitably classy and gorgeous appeal.


Beautiful Dark Living Room Design

stylish-dark-living-room-designs-27-554x647Image Credit : www.decoist.com

The strictness of the bold black walls and floor is contrasted by the lovely white shag rug and simple white furniture. The distinctive fireplace is giving extra warmth to this impressive living room.


Glamorous Dark Living Room Design

Trendy-dark-living-room-ideaImage Credit :www.infoteli.com

An impressive mix of a bold black background stuffed with striking colorful furniture and accessories. This living room looks incredibly glamorous, chic and vibrant.


Impressive Dark Living Room Design

modern-dark-living-roomImage Credit : www.huelsta.de

Black, white and gold shade is apparently an amazing combo for a contemporary living room design. Perfectly chosen artistic details fulfill this room with elegance, style and grace.


Alluring Dark Living Room Design

stylish-dark-living-room-designs-20-554x608Image Credit: abigailahern.com

A brilliant idea for your room with glass walls to be styled with dark hues. The space will have enough light, and will still look rich, stylish and incredibly elegant.


Luxurious Dark Living Room Design

black-living-room-ideas-20Image Credit : www.giesendesign.com

This black painted living room is complemented with white and beige furniture moments, and decorated with some catchy geometric patterned pillows and a zebra rug. We simply love the several golden photos on the wall as the focal point in this space.


Mysterious Dark Living Room Design

stylish-dark-living-room-designs-1Image Credit: www.interhomedesigns.com

So many distinctive deep hues combined together for an absolute dramatic finish of this impressive living room. Mysterious, elegant and sophisticated all the way.


Luxurious Dark Living Room Design

stylish-dark-living-room-designs-24-554x458Image Credit: www.plumbs.co.uk

Rich black color paired with luxurious fabrics and decorative elements for an absolute striking and breathtaking appeal of this glamorous living room. Loving the golden moment who accentuate the luxury of the design.


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