10 Unique Hallway Interior Design Ideas

The only way to achieve a nice and flawless look of the entire house is taking care of each and every corner of it. That means that you shouldn’t neglect a single spot, like for example, your hallway. The hallway is one of the most common spaces to get overlooked, and that is a huge mistake. Of course, decorating and styling all the rooms seems like a priority thing, but your corridor needs and deserves as much attention as the rest of the rooms in your home.  Just like you tend to achieve harmony and stylish design in a room, you should also focus on decorating the hallway, as it links all the rooms in your home.  Not to mention that, after all, it’s the entrance hall that leaves the first impression by entering a home . And first impressions can not be repeated, right? We think that we gave you enough reasons that decorating the hallway is utterly important! And decorating it in style and in a unique way is a complete guess. We present you some of our favorite and cool hallway ideas, to inspire you to make your corridor a walk to remember. Read on and enjoy!


Elegant Hallway Design

Image Credit: Booanmadie

This is one chic and super-sleek entrance hall. Keep it traditional by going soft grey on the hallway walls and by adding rich flooring, and just spice it up with some art-deco decorative accessories. Loving it!



Japanese Inspired Hallway Design

Image Credit: Annie Miller

This japanese styled furniture and accessories give this bright and bold hallway a nice little splash of cool. The Oh so stylish! design can simply not be overlooked.


Stunning Hallway Design

hallway-design-ideas-2-500x334Image Credit: mostbeautifulthing

This perfectly blended- in hallway with the rest of the rooms is quite impressive. The whole georgian design has this timeless classical, royal appeal. Rich, neutral colors complemented with stunning luxurious decorations is the perfect way to accentuate your refine taste.


Interesting Hallway Design

If your hallways are wide enough, create some chic storage by adding bespoke bookshelves. Get extra style points for incorporating them into your staircase.

Image credit: faceplane

If you are lucky enough to have a big hallway, then you can afford yourself massive bookshelves in it. Style them your own way, and if you are willing to, then you can even incorporate them into your stairs. Cool idea, isn’t it ?


Dramatic Black Hallway Design


Image Credit: lifestyle

Balance your dramatic dark wood panelling walls in your hallway with a pearly white tiles and warm decorative elements for a complete classy elegant look.


Modern hallway Design

A hallway or entryway is the perfect spot to display some pictures. Try fitting the ledges at a variety of heights in order to create a visual wall.

Image Credit: houseandgarden

A pinch of green on black & white has never looked better. Your hallway is the perfect spot to flaunt some nice photos of yours. Expose your favorite pictures to the max by making them a focal point into the hallway.


Beautiful Hallway Design

Image Credit: kendalqualitycarpets

Liven up your white hallway by mixing it with a colorful striped carpet. Stripes work particularly well for small hallways as they visually add space.


Wonderful Hallway Design

Brown and grey wouldn't have sprung to mind as a colour combination, until now. Dark wood floors, soft grey walls and the contrasting brown rugs and stair runner are a sophisticated combination.

Image Credit: housetohome

The distinctive grayish-white scheme is perfectly contrasted with the dark wood floor and the chocolate brown elements. Nice looking cool and sleek hallway.


Stylish Hallway Design

Image Credit: houseandgarden

Unique and cool all the way. This funky eclectic design of a hallway is simply wow. Just look at that stylish golden chair.


Country Inspired Hallway Design

country style

Image Credit: architectureartdesigns

Make your hallway a cozy and welcoming spot by choosing on decorating it country style. This bright and serene space has a wonderful appeal and is simply glowing.


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