11 Delightful DIY Easter Home Decor You’ll Love

Decorating your home in a holiday spirit is always fun and amusing thing to do. Especially when it comes to Easter, which is the most colorful, lively and cheerful holiday ever. Easter decor is very interesting since it consists of joyful colors, eggs, cute birds and bunnies, and lots of fresh spring flowers. Nowadays, you can get an amazing Easter decor in the stores, where you have tons of different ideas and decorations. But wouldn’t it be great if you made your own personal Easter decoration this year? If you are feeling crafty and inspired, than do not waste your time but let your imagination run free and get ready to create the most beautiful and hearth-warming Easter decor. We collected couple of super interesting and creative ideas for an Easter decor so tune in and discover amazing examples of home made Easter decorations to get yourself motivated. Continue reading and have fun! Easter DIY Front Door Wreath Decor

8-door-decor Image Credit: Love This Pic

Transform your umbrella into a super-unique Easter door wreath. Hand it on the front door, fulfill it with greenery, fresh spring flowers, colored eggshells and tie it up with a cheerful ribbon. Make sure that you choose an umbrella in some bright color though.

Amazing Easter DIY Decor

18-framed-rabbit Image Credit: DIY Crafts

Your regular set of picture frames get be a really charming Easter decor, if you change your family photos with cute rabbit pictures. Cut small rabbit silhouettes in different colors and place them on a funky background and you’re done!

Stuffed Bunnies Easter DIY Decor

26-bunny-basket Image Credit: The Little Fabric Blog

If you know how to sew, even better if you have a sewing machine, than you have a possibility to make your own uber-cute stuffed Easter bunnies. Get loaded with some cheerful materials with different motifs, make bunny template, sew and stuff. It’s easy and way too adorable!

DIY Countdown to Easter 

28-easter-countdown Image Credit: Pinterest

Kids love to count the days until a certain event, so give them the joy to count down Easter. Get a couple of plastic eggs, color and number them, and then fulfill them with treats so that they can enjoy every day, while opening them and waiting for Easter to come.

Easter DIY Garland Decor

31-bunny-bannerImage Credit: Architecture Art Designs

There is nothing more easy, and at the same time cute, than making an Easter inspired garland. Cut lovely bunnies in different colors and hang them wherever you like.

Easter DIY Cards 

38-origami-tagImage Credit: Brit

Making holiday cards is always a good idea. Get yourself inspired this season and make personalized Easter cards for your friends and family. Make one for your own home and use it as a decoration.

Crochet Easter DIY Decor

52-rabbit-basketImage Credit: The Crochet Crowd

For all of you who know how to crochet, here’s a super-adorable idea. This crochet bunny basket is perfect for your kid’s Easter egg hunt or you can also use it as an Easter centerpiece.

Delicious Easter DIY Decor

IMG_3880-682x1024Image Credit: Munchkin Munchies

Now this is some delicious decor isn’t it? Did you ever think of a baked and tasty Easter decor? If you didn’t, than now is the time to do it. Get yourself moving and bake some Bunny looking cookies to create delicious treats that embellish your home this Easter.

Cheerful Easter DIY Decor

cool-minimalist-easter-decor-ideas-32Image Credit: Digs Digs

Your regular chalkboard can be turned into an Easter decor if you only refresh it with some greenery and some Happy Easter message. For the picture to be full, cut a paper egg, decorate it and glue it on the board. An instant super creative Easter decoration.


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