11 Super Creative Bedroom Designs With Chalkboard Wall

If you are interested in innovative and creative interior design, then you are in the right place. We always try to keep up with the trends and to inspire you with the newest, freshest and most interesting design ideas. The last thing that we totally fell in love with is the accessory that is quirky, creative and interactive at the same time. It’s the chalkboard wall that we managed to put just about everywhere and it looks absolutely gorgeous. The chalkboard wall brings a somewhat vivid, unique and positive twist in every single spot of the home. Having it in the bedroom will allow you to change your bedroom appearance from time to time, to draw a personalized art on it or to write an inspirational note to bring you smile on the face as soon as you wake up. Take a look at these super-adorable and inspiring bedroom designs with chalkboard walls and do not hesitate but get one for your own bedroom. Read on and enjoy!

Lively Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

cool-chalkboard-bedroom-decor-ideas-to-rock-16 (Copy)Image Credit: Benjamin Moore

This super- gorgeous bedroom with black floor and chalkboard wall is complemented with a bed that hast the most colorful bed sheets ever. This way the space looks quirky and dynamic, and the most adorable thing about it is the chalkboard wall, where you can unleash your imagination, draw everything you like, even a headboard if you want.

Monochrome Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

cool-chalkboard-bedroom-decor-ideas-to-rock-3 (Copy)Image Credit: Digs Digs

Your simple black and white bedroom design can go from plain to amazing if you only add a chalkboard wall and draw something on it, for example the world map. This way you will have the whole world in your hand, as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Unique Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

cool-chalkboard-bedroom-decor-ideas-to-rock-5-554x495Image Credit: We Heart It

The contrast between the chalkboard wall and black floor and the super vivid bed is rather impressive. It is also very interesting that the chalkboard allows you to add imaginary things on the wall, such as headboard, picture frames… We also love the exquisite details, such as the statement chandelier or the shabby chic night stand.

Personalized Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

cool-chalkboard-bedroom-decor-ideas-to-rock-6-554x708 Image Credit: Etsy

If you are science or math lover, than get yourself a chalkboard wall and personalize it with math formulas and stuff. If you are art lover, draw a piece of art on the chalkboard. The choices are infinite.

Interesting Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

cool-chalkboard-bedroom-decor-ideas-to-rock-7-554x723Image Credit: Home My Design

If music is your passion than say it out loud. Personalize your bedroom chalkboard wall with some musical language and enjoy in the “sound” of it.

Quirky Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

cool-chalkboard-bedroom-decor-ideas-to-rock-11 (Copy)Image Credit: Benjamin Moore

Super lovely small bedroom with minimalist statement details and chalkboard wall. The most interesting part about having a chalkboard wall is that you can change its appearance as soon as you get bored. That means you can have a new unique wall every day!

Unique Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

cool-chalkboard-bedroom-decor-ideas-to-rock-24 Image Credit:  Remodelista

We immediately fell in love with this cute and charming bedroom. The adorable rustic feel is accentuated by the wooden beam ceiling, wooden floor and of course the super amusing bed sheets with a cow print. On top of it you have the cute little country houses drawn on the chalkboard wall that round out the super unique appeal of this bedroom.

Funky Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

cool-chalkboard-bedroom-decor-ideas-to-rock-20 (Copy) Image Credit:Pinterest

If you’ve always wanted a gallery wall, now you have it. Draw yourself picture frames on the chalkboard wall and get the feel of a gallery wall inside your bedroom. Pair that with statement colorful bed sheets and canopy bed and you will have the most unique bedroom design ever.

Inspirational Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

cool-chalkboard-bedroom-decor-ideas-to-rock-27-554x365Image Credit: Digs Digs

A simple traditional bedroom will definitely look more interesting and charming if you decide to refresh it with a single chalkboard wall. Choose an inspirational quote and write it on the wall for a morning motivation and good start of the day.


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