12 Accent Wall Ideas To Pop Up In the Bedroom

The key to a beautiful and modern bedroom is a solid visual effect, specific buzz that will attract the eye and create the drama in the interior. Accent wall is a perfect way to make a modern and dynamic statement and to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the bedroom.Accent wall will break through the plain appearance and can make the instant wow effect in the interior. If you think that your bedroom lacks a special effect or something to be perfect, think about pulling off an accent wall. Browse cool and modern accent wall ideas which could serve as an inspiration. Check the round up bellow!



3D-wall-art accent wall

3D-wall-art accent wallImage Credit:AD

3D wall art with geometric shape and high contrast color scheme is perfect way to attain a dynamic, futuristic and contemporary visual effect in the bedroom and most of wall a perfect focal point that will instantly draw attention.


Bedroom with Geomtric Wallpaper as Accent Wall

Bedroom with Geomtric Wallpaper as Accent WallImage Credit:Digs DIgs

The elegant accent wallpaper with geometric print and beige color brings a splash of sophisticated and charming visual in the classic bedroom and boost up the classy appearance of this interior.


Black Accent Wall

Black Accent WallImage Credit:zillow

Accent black wall in midst of a minimalist  beige bedroom can have a major role in changing the concept of classic, neutral bedroom into contemporary interior with bold and fierce ambiance. Black accent wall is perfect idea to bring identity and dramatic outlook to the interior.


Floral Wallpaper as Accent Wall

Floral Wallpaper as Accent Wall

Image Credit:decorhub

Accent wall with floral, lush wallpaper is cool idea for everyone who want to add a pinch of refreshing, vintage ambiance but want to avoid the heaviness that would come from the entire wallpaper. The pop of colorful floral print brings loose and cheery ambiance in the bedroom.


Library Wallpaper

Library WallpaperImage Credit:decorativehomes

To create an illusion of a mini library in the bedroom a books inspired wallpaper will work just magnificently. The book wallpaper accent wall breaks through the plain white walls and fill this bedroom with interesting visual and charming ambiance.


Painted Bricks Accent Wall

Painted Bricks Accent Wall

Image Credit:housetohome

Painted Grey brick walls works astonishing for creating a perfect pop of dynamic and industrial texture and color. The brick walls can truly bring character in your bedroom and boost up the contemporary and charming ambiance in the interior.


Paisley Accent Wall

Paisely Accent Wall

Image Credit:House Beautiful

Paisley print and ecstatic colors incorporated in a wallpaper can work as a perfect accent wall and change the game in the bedroom. The utterly fresh and interesting nature of this wallpaper can bring upbeat and lively perks in the interior.


Quote Mural as Accent Wall

Quote Mural as Accent Wall

Image Credit:bhg

The quote mural boosts up the creativity and interesting visual appearance of the bedroom and bring inspiring character to the interior. We love the design of this mural and how it works as a charming focal point in the modern bedroom.


Splash of TUrqouise Blue as Accent Wall

Splash of TUrqouise Blue as Accent WallImage Credit:design files

The glossy turquoise accent wall creates a sleek, vibrant and refreshing ambiance in this cheery bedroom. The accent wall characterize this loose bedroom with upbeat and lively ambiance.


Textured Accent Wall

Textured Accent WallImage Credit:decorhub

Bold texture and neutral color scheme is perfect for subtle sophistication and adding a dynamic visual noise in the bedroom interior.


Timber Panell Accent Wall

Timber Panell Accent Wall

Image Credit:dwell

Timber panel in a minimalist bedroom with plain wall play the main role in providing the interior with rustic, warm and cozy character. We love how this wood panel strikes through the white bedroom and boosts up the  natural charm of the interior.


Tin Tiles Accent Wall

Tin Tiles Accent WallImage Credit:shelterness

Here is a great idea for everyone who want to play with patterns and to attain an eclectic visual appearance in the bedroom. The mismatched ethnic pattern tiles will create a quirky and charming ambiance in the interior.


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