12 Bold High Contrast Dining Room Design Ideas

High contrast dining room is a perfect choice for everyone who want to attain that sleek, clean and dramatic effect that usually only Scandinavian interior holds. Dramatic contrast such as white wall strike with black roof beams or black pendant tend to reflect utterly dynamic ambiance and has a dashingly sharp and bold appearance. If you are fan of clean lined interiors with sleek and sharp appearance, than you might be the right candidate for high contrast dining room. Bellow you can check an inspiring round up of 12 Uber Cool High Contrast Dining Room Design Ideas. Get Inspired!


Small High Contrast Dining Room

Small High Contrast Dining RoomImage Credit:RIlane

The clean white setting in this attic dining room with Scandinavian charm is simply overwhelming, the place reflects utterly soft and refreshing ambiance. In order to avoid dullness and sterile ambiance, the designer decided to sublime the place with pinch black roof beam that strike through the whiteness and creates dramatic high contrast. Superbly done!



Gorgeous-Scandinavian-Dining-RoomImage Credit:Decorative Homes

We love the sharp and symmetric visual appearance of this beautiful dining room. The dark walnut chairs along with black pendant  bring the high contrast appearance and break through the plain white color scheme, therefore creating the dynamic, contemporary and bold ambiance.


Cozy High Contrast Dining Room

Cozy High Contrast Dining RoomImage Credit:Scandinavian Rooms

We love the pops of color in between the high contrast black and white dining room decorated in Scandinavian manner with sharp and clean lines. The colorful pillows contribute to the high contrast concept and provide the dining room with livelier character.


Sharp High Contrast Dining Room

Sharp High Contrast Dining RoomImage Credit:Cococozy

So contemporary and beautiful, right? The high contrast between the clean white color scheme and pops of black framed art creates a lively visual effect and elevates the contemporary and dynamic charm of this Scandinavian dining room.


Scandinavian High Contrast Dining Room

Scandinavian High Contrast Dining RoomImage Credit:Homedit

Here is another dining room with Scandinavian concept that has attain a super modern and contemporary ambiance due to the combination of clean white setting with bold pops of black.


Contemporary High Contrast Dining Room

Contemporary High Contrast Dining RoomImage Credit:Hgtv

Wow! The simple yet dazzlingly modern appearance of this small bold dining room is exceptionally impressive. The high contrast of white setting broken though with dark walnut chair and black pops of print creates superbly clean yet dynamic ambiance.


Modern High Contrast Dining Room

Modern High Contrast Dining RoomImage Credit:Dwell

Really modern and pleasant dining room with the concept of high contrast has attain extremely laid back and ecstatic ambiance due to the smart disposition of white and black tones.


Chic High Contrast Dining Room

Chic High Contrast Dining RoomImage Credit:Digs DIgs

Look at the clean and tranquil appearance of this dining room, is utterly overwhelming, right? – the minimalist white wall, decoraed with a pinch of micro contemporary art pieces works as a brilliant backdrop for the  rustic dining table and vintage black dining chairs, sublimed with a contemporary black pendant. Magnificent appearance!


Cheery High Contrast Dining Room

Cheery High Contrast Dining RoomImage Credit:Digs DIgs

Here is another dining room with beside black and white tones has used colorful pops that decorates the place in a fashionable manner and create clean,ecstatic and modern appearance.


Minimalist High Contrast Dining Room

Minimalist High Contrast Dining RoomImage Credit:Loony

So bold and sharp! We love interiors with uber clean appearance and super sharp lines just as this one. The black area rug in meandering shape just strikes through the sleek white appearance and creates dramatic contrast in the place.


Lively High Contrast Dining Room

Lively High Contrast Dining RoomImage Credit:Loony

Vibrant blue pops in the clean white dining room elevate the lively and ecstatic appearance and create superbly lively and cheery ambiance.


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