12 Elegant Masculine Dining Room Designs to Wow

Being a bachelor and having your own bachelor pad means that this is the place where a lot of things happen, such as gathering with friends, dinner parties and maybe even a romantic dinner with some special one. That’s why the overall appearance of your dining room plays a big role, so that you can host parties with style and sophistication. The dining room look says a lot about your personality, so if you are a stylish individual with an extravagant taste, than you are in the right place. Today we present you our favorite showcase of the most gorgeous, statement dining rooms in masculine style and appeal, so that you can get yourself inspired in embellishing your own bachelor pad. Continue reading and get ready to stun with your gorgeous masculine dining room appeal!

Sophisticated Masculine Dining Room Design

4f60fc36b54154086e20b0a399ab913a-700x840Image Source: Mim Design

Such a refined and statement look of a dining room with masculine charm. Dark and bold colors, extravagant and stylish furniture and brilliant accessories make this dining spot an extremely alluring and elegant place to dine at.

Bright Masculine Dining Room Design

admirable-masculine-dining-room-700x560Image Source: Elle Decor

Exquisite choice of furniture, calm neutral colors and mix of incredibly stylish accessories embellish this masculine dining room. To highlight them even more, the interior designer decided to add a glass wall and to make a piece of interior art.

Elegant Masculine Dining Room Design

7a157f8ded2cecc52572ab4004f5bbc4-700x840Image Source: Taylor Howes

The mysterious elegance and superb look of this dining room is rather imposing. Minimalist style for a maximum effect. What we like the most about this dark dining room is the smartly placed lightning that provides the room with a delicate ambiance, and of course the statement woman’s portrait as a tremendous piece of art that rounds out the incredibly perfect look of the spot.

Distinctive Masculine Dining Room Design

16-masculine-dining-roomImage Source: Behance

This stylish black and white dining room is warmed up with a light wooden floor and some natural greenery. For a complete experience, there are the super-catchy light fixture above the dining table and the statement monochrome piece of art on the accent wall.

Urban Masculine Dining Room Design

amazing-industrial-dining-area-700x840Image Source: Trip Advisor

Our favorite in this series of masculine dining room designs. We can not decide what do we like more: the washed industrial brick wall, the light wooden floor, the massive pendant lights or maybe the dark green Eames Eiffel chairs. Everything is in its own place for an absolutely amazing, stylish and urban dining spot.

Gorgeous Masculine Dining Room Design

d570223a8424351936035cf1b0a846f1-1-700x840Image Source: Digs Digs

We love the simplicity and the beauty of this dining room, that radiated with masculine appeal. The bright ambiance accents the stylish details in the room, such as the dynamic light fixture, the incredible Eames Eiffel dining chairs in superb black color, the massive decorative vase… The bookshelf also adds to the charm and the elegance of the spot.

Calm Masculine Dining Room Design

masculine-dining-room-designs-3-692x900 Image Source: Houzz

This incredible dining room setting with calm and tranquil color palette gives away a real masculine appeal and charm that is quite engaging. It displays fine, exquisite furniture and sophisticated decorative elements that look extremely elegant and simply gorgeous.

Open Plan Masculine Dining Room Design

open-plan-kitchen-living-area-vok-design-2-700x840Image Source: Tom Dixon

This open plan dining room appears airy and bright, at the same time looking casual, extremely cozy and welcoming. The right choice of colors, furniture and accessories makes it an impeccable spot for exquisite dining.

Cool Masculine Dining Room Design

Wonderful-Pictures-Art-Decor-for-Masculine-Dining-Room-Interior Image Source: Z Gallerie

This dining spot looks super-cool, dynamic and really urban. The distinctive gallery wall in combination with elegant furniture and statement decor provide this dining room with a modern, yet elegant appeal.

Minimalist Masculine Dining Room Design

Yorkville_Penthouse_04_5846-580x375Image Source: Contemporist

The minimalism in this dining room is utterly imposing. Bold black colors and no accessories at all, create a certain dramatic and mysterious ambiance, that is warmed up with the super-modern fireplace in combination with a superb design of a chandelier. A brilliant masculine dining room.




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