12 Exposed Bricks Bathroom Design Ideas

There is something about exposed brick walls that is psychically impossible not to be inspired and feel vibrant and dynamic. The exposed brick walls have the power to both bring rustic, urban and cozy, opulent charm in the interior Exposed bricks in the bathroom can easily transform a too sterile, cold interior into super chic and effortlessly cool place. Bathrooms with exposed brick walls just radiate with cool and dynamic ambiance.Exposed brick walls will emphasize the cool and urban ambiance in the bathroom and will totally boost up the aesthetic appearance. We prepared a real feast for your eyes, which you can check out in bellow. Dig cool exposed brick wall bathroom ideas and get inspired.


Splendid Bathroom with Brick Walls

Splendid Bathroom with Brick WallsImage Credit:houzz

The small exposed brick wall strikes through the white walls and makes cool, dramatic statement in fairly elegant and chic setting. The brick wall elevates the vibrant ambiance in this bathroom and brings substance and style at the same time. We love it!


Bold Bathroom with Brick Walls

Bold Bathroom with Brick Walls

Image Credit:better homes and garden

We love how the rustic brick walls are superbly incorporated with the sleek, chic setting in this breezy, refreshing bathroom. The opulent nature of the brick walls brings rustic and cool character in the rather white, simple bathroom.


Beige Bathroom with Brick Walls

Beige Bathroom with Brick WallsImage Credit:decor hub

The light shade of the brick walls works superbly in creating a modern, contemporary appearance and brings dramatic foundation in the overall sleek bathroom with minimalist setting.


Rustic Bathroom with Brick Walls

Rustic Bathroom with Brick WallsImage Credit:rilane

Exceptionally beautiful! The wildly rustic nature of the brick wall with high color and texture noise boosts up the daring, dramatic and bold appearance of the chic bathroom and creates industrial charm in the fashionable interior.


Industrial Chic  Bathroom with Brick Walls

Industrial Chic Bathroom with Brick WallsImage Credit:house beautiful

This industrial bathroom is really awe inspiring. The materials are so well adjusted in order to create a balanced and tranquil ambiance, even though they all hold industrial and rough nature. The exposed brick wall visibly bring warm, lively and vibrant note in the interior and characterize it with cool, dramatic and edgy appeal.


Attic Bathroom with Brick Walls

Attic Bathroom with Brick WallsImage Credit:house to home

We love how the rustic brick walls strike through the plain white walls and sloped rood and boost up the vibrant, industrial note in a all white, airy bathroom. The exposed brick wall make rustic statement in the bathroom and prevent this interior of being boring and too sterile.


High Contrast Bathroom with Brick Walls

High COntrast Bathroom with Brick WallsImage Credit:home designing

Hats off to the designer of this bathroom! Seriously, coat painted red brick walls soothed with white painted brick walls move the limits of modern and contemporary to a whole new level. We love how this bathroom has attain both clean, refreshing and cool, industrial appearance due to the painted brick wall.s


Glass Door Bathroom with brick walls

Glass Door Bathroom with brick wallsImage Credit:front door

A bathroom with glass doors does not allow any privacy which is daring but kind of odd, but however the brick walls in this bathroom bring super opulent ambiance and cool, rustic appearance.


Fancy Bathroom with Brick Walls

Fancy Bathroom with Brick WallsImage Credit:decorpad

Here is a great idea to create a simple, modern bathroom with minimalist setting and contemporary appearance. The painted white brick walls boost up the aesthetics and bring vibrant and cheery ambiance in the clean interior.


Contemporary Bathroom with Brick Walls

Contemporary Bathroom with Brick WallsImage Credit:homedit

This bathroom is perfectly decorated in order to reflect refreshing, cozy and vibrant ambiance. The exposed brick posts bring rustic and industrial character in the modern bathroom and elevates the cool, contemporary appearance of the bathroom.


Chic Bathroom with Brick Walls

CHic Bathroom with Brick WallsImage Credit:decorpad

We totally love this chic oasis. The white brick wall creates sleek yet urban foundation in the bathroom and provides the interior with contemporary and modern ambiance. Just gorgeous!



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