12 Most Gorgeous and Inviting Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

Decorating the home for Christmas is a wonderful thing to do. Embellishing your surrounding with Christmas decoration and ornaments will bring a joyful spirit to your home, and will definitely provide you with a lovely, festive, hearth-warming feeling. It is very important to pay attention to every corner to be decorated, in order to create cheer in each and every single spot in the home, but we all can agree that some of the decor is more important than others. For example the living room, this is the place where you spend most of the time during the holiday season, and where you welcome guest and visitors, so you need to style it in the most beautiful way possible. And if we consider that this is the spot where you and your family will snuggle on Christmas Eve, open the Christmas presents, and maybe even celebrate the beggining of the New Year, that means that the living room Christmas decor must shine and create the perfect festive ambiance. We have found some really alluring Christmas living room decor and we decided to share them with you, in order to inspire you into creating a Christmas heaven out of your own. Continue reading to get tons of lovely and creative ideas in the showcase below. Enjoy!

Elegant Christmas Living Room Decor

dreamy-christmas-living-room-decor-ideas-37Image Credit: Design Rulz

Take a look at the super warm and welcoming ambiance in this lovely living room. The neutral elegant setting is beautifully complemented with green decor and golden ornaments and lights, to create a wondeful appeal of this Christmas atmosphere as an end result.

Sparkly Christmas Living Room Decor

Glamorous-Pottery-Barn-Christmas-Living-Room-Decorating-Idea-in-White-Color-NuanceImage Credit: Digs Digs

If you like to stun and impress with this year’s Christmas decor, do not hesitate to use gold decor as much as you can. It pairs perfect with neutral surroundings, and it gives them even more warmth and appeal, at the same time making it shine in a festive way.

Distinctive Christmas Living Room Decor

Amazing-christmas-living-rooms-decorImage Credit: Stats Crop

This distinctive Christmas tree and decor will definitely make a statement and it will most certainly give a whole new look to your living room. Its Scandinavian touch looks extremely opulent and definitely catchy.

Red Christmas Living Room Decor

dreamy-christmas-living-room-decor-ideas-51-554x554Image Credit: Tesco

You can’t go wrong on your Christmas decor if you stick to the traditional colors, such as red. Red looks magnificient on the green Christmas tree, and red ribbons, flowers and ornaments complement garlands and evergreens on a gorgeous way.

Light Blue Christmas Living Room Decor

dreamy-christmas-living-room-decor-ideas-54Image Credit: Real Simple

Light blue Christmas decor will bring a distinctive appeal to your living room, bringing the beauty of winter inside it. Especially if your living room palette consist of warm or neutral tones, that would look super classy, elegant and alluring.

Colorful Christmas Living Room Decor

dreamy-christmas-living-room-decor-ideas-36Image Credit: Freshome

Decorating your living room with colorful ornaments and decorations will definitely provide it with a cheerful and lively spirit this holiday season. And if the colors match your living room setting, that would make a great and lovely whole, where you can enjoy in the holiday.

Super Modern White Christmas Living Room Decor

dreamy-christmas-living-room-decor-ideas-22Image Credit: Houzz

This super modern gray living room i complemented with white Christmas decor. White Christmas decor looks crispy and pure, accentuting the beauty of wintertime and adding an elegant appeal to your home.

Rustic Christmas Living Room Decor

dreamy-christmas-living-room-decor-ideas-5-554x554Image Credit: BHG

This rustic living room setting is embellished with a traditional Christmas decor and it looks adorably welcoming, cozy and super warm.

Golden Christmas Living Room Decor

dreamy-christmas-living-room-decor-ideas-1Image Credit: Southern Living

The most beautiful way of decorating your neutral living room for th holiday season would definitely be golden decor and lights. It looks glamurous, elegant, and adds an incredible warmth to the spot.

Incredible Grey Christmas Living Room Decor

dreamy-christmas-living-room-decor-ideas-13Image Credit: Digs Digs

This is one of our favorites. It is so unusual to see an unconventional decorating color for Christmas such as grey, but this one in particular looks extraordinary. Grey decor in combination with the grey knitted accessories, the fireplace and the wooden walls, create an incredibly aluring ambiance which radiates with style, warmth and appeal.

Extravagant Christmas Living Room Decor

Cozy-Modern-Living-Room-With-Grey-Sofa-Used-Christmas-Decorating-IdeasImage Credit: HGTV

Do not be afraid to experiment with colors, textures and ornaments this holiday season. Especially if you own a living room in a distinctive color palette, than go ahead and embellish it with extravagant colorful decor that will make a statement and create a wow effect.



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