13 Accent Wall Ideas In Stylish and Cool Kid’s Bedrooms

The best way to create an interesting and appealing ambiance in your kid’s bedroom and yet to keep the coziness and comfort is to pop up accent wall that will stand out in the interior and work as a focal point. Accent wall can instantly create a wow effect in the kid’s bedroom and boost up the cheery, modern and aesthetic appearance of the place. There are plenty of options for creating an dramatic accent wall that rocks. From wood panel to map wallpaper, an accent wall will break through the plain appearance and bring a feast for the eyes in the kid;s bedroom. Below you can browse various cool and inspiring accent wall ideas, check them out and enjoy!


Wood Paneled Accent Wall

Wood Paneled Accent WallImage Credit:bhg

Timber panel  is surely an unique and interesting choice for a kid’s room. The rustic nature of the wood panel brings cozy and natural feel to this kid’s bedroom and accents the cozy and warm feel.


Cool Accent Wall

Cool Accent WallImage Credit:go room kidz

Chalkboard is a great way to  create an interactive accent wall and allow your kid’s to express them-self creatively on the chalkboard. Moreover, the chalkboard looks utterly modern, lively and cool.


Colorful Floral Accent Wall

Colorful Floral Accent WallImage Credit:decoist

The lively, ecstatic colors in combination with the noisy texture and fun pattern of the accent wall above the bed provides this kid’s bedroom with super charming, famine and cool visual appearance.


Cheery Colorful Geometric Accent Wall

Cheery Colorful Geometric Accent Wall

Image Credit: house to home

Colorful geometric wallpaper works as a lovely and sharp display in the kid;s bedroom. The vivid colors of the precise geometric shape are most likely to create a superb visual appearance in the kid’s bedroom and boost up the ecstatic, lively ambiance.


Chalkboard Accent Wall

Chalkboard Accent Wall

Image Credit:bhg

Here is another example with chalkboard as an accent wall. The chalkboard breaks through the plain white walls, provide this teen’s bedroom with cool and modern identity and allows a freedom of creative expression since the chalkboard is interactive.


Blue Accent Wall: Blue Accent Wall

Image Credit:digs digs

Bold white and blue stripes are perfect for visually enlarging a small kid’s bedroom but also for creating a lovely and vibrant ambiance in the kid’s interior. The bold blue stripes work perfectly for adding freshness and cool visual appearance in this bedroom.


Modern Chevron Accent Wall

Modern Chevron Accent WallImage Credit; homedit

Stencil chevron with narrow nature works as a superbly magnificent decorative element in this beautiful kid’s bedroom with bunk bed. The chevron is subtle and yet utterly contemporary and modern.


Quirky and Fabulous Accent Wall

Quirky and Fabolous Accent Wall

Image Credit: decorpad

We love the imaginative and childish nature of the beautiful and quirky portrait mural above the swing bed in this unique girly bedroom. The charming wall mural and its vivid colors bring freshness and upbeat ambiance in this pattern rich, opulent bedroom.


Refreshing Wall Mural

Refreshing Wall MuralImage Credit:home design lover

Gigantic wall mural with surfer and the sea embraces a refreshing and utlra upbeat ambiance in this loose boy’s bedroom with variety of fresh colors and geometric patterns.


Vintage Charming Accent Wall

Vintage Charming Accent Wall

Image Credit:bhg

Vintage butterfly wallpaper is perfect for creating a girly and dreamy charm in your girl’s bedroom. The butterflies work as charming print and bring soft and feminine feel in this blue and white bedroom.


Mid century Accent Wall: Midcenutry Accent WallImage Credit:house to home

The Mid Century wallpaper with geometric pattern and neon yellow color scheme is surely the main charmer in this modern kid’s bedroom. The ecstatic and charming ambiance is due to the refreshing nature of the neon yellow wallpaper.


Map Wallpaper Accent Wall

Map Wallpaper Accent WallImage Credit:rilane

A world map wall mural is a fun and educative way to decorate your kid’s bedroom and also to encourage your kid to travel more and engage the love of knowledge about our planet earth.


Lively Chevron Accent Wall

Lively Chevron Accent WallImage Credit:bhg

The small bedroom is visually enlarged by the charming, colorful chevron pattern on the paste blue accent wall that brings retro character and upbeat ambiance in this funky bedroom.

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