13 Cool Pendant Lighting Design Trends for 2015

In the rather gloomy and dark winter we decided to provide you with light, and not any kind of light but a new, modern, uprising trends in the pendant lighting sector. Pendant lighting trends change and evolve from year to year, so as this year already begin is time to refresh the home with cool, innovative pendant light, right? – The 2015 should be in the name of new and innovative, minimalist yet dramatic, sleek and yet opulent, therefore we are about to present the pendant lights that would be an adequate equivalent. In the below showcase you can browse cool pendant lighting ideas from innovative designers with fresh and modern design. Get Inspired!


Ikea’s Boja Pendant

Ikea's Boja PendantImage Credit:Ikea

The Ikea’s philosophy apparently is “we are bribing retro back. The braided  rattan 70’s inspired pedant light event though with a traditional retro design looks fresh, loose and modern.


Unique Pendant Lights

Unique Pendant LigtsImage Credit:Boo

Oversize and unique! This super cool and bold pendant in super unique design and visible big shape stand out magnificiently in a group and work as a perfect statement lighting.


Spherical Pendant Light

Sherical Pendant LightImage Credit:Cb2

Here is another retro design which will be a huge uprising trend this year. The transparent glass pendant in a spherical shape surely looks sleek, loose and dashingly modern. The spherical pendant light is perfect for a rustic or shabby chic interior with a modern, contemporary twist.


Geometric Pendant

Geometric PendantImage Credit:Cb2

Well, this is something different, right? – The geometric and rather unique shape of these pendant lights with a golf ball shaped bulb work as a blend of minimalist and uber chic.


Crystal pedant light

Crystal pedannt lightImage Credit:West Elm

Crystal shaped glass pendant from West elm can be a modern and classy feature in your interior. The small size of the alluring crystal pendant light makes it more appealing and beautiful.


Retro Glass pendant

Retro Glass pendantImage Credit:West Elm

West Elm’s trademark is small, simple in shape and big and dramatic in design. The industrial pendant led light is perfect for cool, industrial and modern home.


Prism Pedant

Prism PedantImage Credit:West Elm

We love this rustic chic prism pedant by West Elm. The interesting shape sustain the small size and brings the beauty of the pendant;s design. The glass and brass material totally goes with the geometric design of this cool pedant light.


Brass Dome Pendant

Brass Dome PendantImage Credit:Dwell Studio

We must say that we are taken by the sleek and super chic appeal of this beautifull brass dome pendant, it’s utterly sensual and superior in design.


Braided Pendant Light

Braided Pendant LightImage Credit:Cb2

The braided pendants by Cb2  can surely be a new lively and colorful addition to your home. The color block design of the braided pendant brings funky, loose and feminine charm in the interior.


Beat Pendant Lighting

BEat Pendant LightingImage Credit:Tom Dixon

Sleek, contemporary and innovative pendant light by Tom Dixon is a synonym for modern lighting.The various shape and size of the pendants looks perfect as a group and sets modern and contemporary focal point.


Mirror Ball Pendant

Mirror Ball PendantImage Credit:Tom Dixon

The brass glass mirrored pedants are simple, chic and perfect. The chic and sleek design by Tom Dixon once again has proved that sensual design comes in small size.


Porcelain Brass Pendant

Porcelain Brass PedanntImage Credit:Room and Board

The sensual black porcelain blended with wood and brass works for creating a sophisticated and modern ambiance in the interior. The design of the pendant light is utterly magnificent.


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