13 Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas

Everyone who are fan of the utterly charming ambiance and decor that includes natural materials then they are sure fan of the rustic design style. Rustic bedroom is perfect for people who prefer wooden panel wall instead of cold concrete, roof beams instead of plain ceiling and warm cozy color scheme instead of cold tones. Rustic bedroom reflects utterly warm and pleasant ambiance and most likely resemble to a cottage bedroom.We gathered around a round of super inspiring and beautiful rustic bedroom designs in order to inspire you and provide you with charming ideas. Take a look at the list bellow and get inspired.


Airy Rustic Bedroom

AIry Rustic Bedroom

Image Credit:AD

We love the unbearable lightness of this white-creamy bedroom with rustic setting and shabby chic feel. First of all the arched walls create the bold and authentic charm in the soft white interior with tall canopy bed and creamy silky curtains that fill in the place with tender and charming note. The rustic wood beams on the ceiling break through the whiteness and add a breezy, natural feel in the interior.


Attic Rustic Bedroom

Attic Rustic BedroomImage Credit: interior archive

How bold and mesmerizing is this attic bedroom with visible rustic and shabby chic feel, right? – We love the dramatic optimization of the fairly small attic space that is utterly transformed into intimate rustic bedroom with sensual and feminine charm.


Beautiful Rustic Bedroom

Beautiful Rustic Bedroom

Image Credit: the clutter blog spot

The grayish-creamy hue in the soft and loose bedroom with rustic bedroom creates an intimate and soft feel. The bold, rustic beams on the ceiling create the rustic and natural charm and characterize the interior with dramatic note.


Boho Rustic Bedroom

Boho Rustic BedroomImage Credit: houzz

This is an interesting blend of rustic and bohemian applied in a distinctive and bold way. The pool blue walls bring the bohemian feel in the bedroom, while the  exposed wood beamed ceiling adds the rustic setting of the amazing interior.


Bold Rustic Bedroom

Bold Rustic BedroomImage Credit:decorhub

How cozy and dreamy is this bedroom, right? – It most likely reminds of a cottage fairly tale. The rustic wood paneled ceiling enhanced by beams  creates the warm and natural setting of the interior, while the natural stone stacked fireplace and vintage red sleight bed decorated with plenitude of country inspired patterns contributes to the whimsical and dreamy ambiance.


Charming Rustic Bedroom

Charming Rustic Bedroom

Image Credit: home and garden

A mesmerizing spectrum of cozy, soft and creamy colors enhanced by wrought iron slegih bed, rattan yellow chair, vintage white dresser and light oak beams make this rustic bedroom superior in charming, sensual and aesthetic design.


Chic Rustic Bedroom

Chic Rustic Bedroom

Image Credit:southern living

The exotic charm of this pale yellow bedroom with rustic feel is just mesmerizing. The pale yellow wall enhanced by classy floral bedding and golden nightstand blend in perfectly in the rustic setting of the bedroom.


Dark Rustic Bedroom

Dark Rustic Bedroom

Image Credit:home dsign lover

This is really interesting combination of modern and rustic applied in a perfect and bold way. The chocolate brown panel above the bed enhanced by gray curtain drapes complementing the bed set up the modern sensual style of the interior, while the exposed wood beams set up the rustic charm of the interior.


Mesmerizing Rustic Bedroom

mesmerizing Rustic BedroomImage Credit:AD

Here we have a cool blend of industrial and rustic. The bare concrete sets up the bold industrial setting of the interior, while the brick walls, rustic beams and wooden materials strike with natural, loose feel.


Modern Rustic Bedroom

Modern Rustic Bedroom

Image Credit:design file

We love the soft and sensual feel of this rustic bedroom in the attic. The exposed rustic ceiling in combination with the classic furnishing add a fabulous intimate note of the beautiful interior.



Warm Rustic Bedroom

Warm Rustic Bedroom

Image Credit:design file

Really cottagey, warm and cozy, right? The bold walnut wood paneling in combination with the ethnic pattered rug mismatch with red stripe rug and  rustic wood sleigh bed create an authentic and warm feel in this bedroom.


Wood Paneled Rustic Bedroom

Wood Paneled Rustic Bedroom

Image Credit: southern living

The breezy and loose feel of this wood paneled bedroom is due to the oak wood panels, white rocking chairs with blue cushions and low scale wooden book shelf that bring beautiful, warm feel to the place.



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