14 Built-In Bookshelves for The Ultimate Book Lovers

There is nothing more beautiful than drinking a cup of tea and reading a good book lying on the sofa in the comfort of your own home. Those of you who do this are most surely book lovers. And all the book lovers almost always have tons of books in their homes and are constantly trying to find space for all the newly bought books to be put. In order to organize and store all the books you have, we suggest you make a built-in bookshelf, because it looks good and can also accommodate numerous books. Built-in bookshelf is an excellent choice and space savers, as they can take up whole wall, or unused corridor space. Built-in bookshelves look tremendously good in home offices and give the space extra charm and appeal. They are a useful and inexpensive solution for book storing and it also looks pretty good. Also, if you are a crafty person, you can make one for yourself, customized and according to your needs. We have found several designs of built-in bookshelves that look amazing, so take a look at the showcase below and maybe you’ll find the right one that matches your needs. Continue reading and get inspired!

White Home Office Built-In Bookshelf

built-in-bookshelves-ideas-for-your-home-decor-1-554x717 Image Credit: HGTV

A classic look of a built-in bookshelf in a home office, with simple white shelves and white background. Less is more and in this case, it’s more than enough for a lovely appeal and useful design.

Small Corridor Built-In Bookshelf

built-in-bookshelves-ideas-for-your-home-decor-4-554x702Image Credit: Domienova

The unused and small side space in the corridor is a marvelous spot for a built-in bookshelf. Liven up the hallway by placing your collection of books there.

Home Office Side Closet Built-In Bookshelf

built-in-bookshelves-ideas-for-your-home-decor-6-554x829 Image Credit: Library at Home

This is such a smart and awesome idea. The desk is placed in between a closet, and one side of the closet is transformed into a built-in bookshelf. Very creative and plus it looks very good.

Elegant Office Built-In Bookshelf

built-in-bookshelves-ideas-for-your-home-decor-7-554x831 Image Credit: Katherine Connell Design

Now this is some elegant design of a ceiling to floor built-in bookshelf, with gorgeous dark wood shelves and fierce red background. The lights on the top add character and charm to the space and complement the overall ambiance in a gorgeous way.

Monochrome Office Built-In Bookshelf

built-in-bookshelves-ideas-for-your-home-decor-11Image Credit: Emilya Clark

Such a cool way to give accent to the built-in bookshelf by placing white shelves on a black background wall. This creates such a dynamic and vibrant look in the room, even more if the books are colorful.

Mediterranean Built-In Bookshelf

built-in-bookshelves-ideas-for-your-home-decor-12Image Credit: Digs Digs

This Mediterranean spot has got a bookshelf incorporated in the wall. Looks so distinctive and really cool, as it also has a place for a book reading underneath it.

Super High Built-In Bookshelf

built-in-bookshelves-ideas-for-your-home-decor-13Image Credit: Family Handy Man

The super-high ceiling hallways almost always have lots of unused and unreachable space. Change this by building floor to ceiling bookshelves, and store your big collection of books just about there. But remember, you will need a ladder to reach the higher shelves.

Attic Home Office Built-In Bookshelf

built-in-bookshelves-ideas-for-your-home-decor-14Image Credit: Lushome

The attic corners are like made for built-in bookshelves. Just take a look how gorgeous does this attic appears!

Black Built-In Bookshelf

built-in-bookshelves-ideas-for-your-home-decor-19Image Credit: Apartment 34

This basic black built-in bookshelf radiates with elegance and minimalism. Stick to the basic forms and colors for an ultimate elegant design.

Stylish Built-In Bookshelf

built-in-bookshelves-ideas-for-your-home-decor-23-554x748Image Credit: Remodelista

This built-in bookshelf is so simple, yet so chic and stylish. The small but high wall space is fulfilled with super-simple shelves and overwhelmed with colorful books and they beautify this spot in such a statement and unique way.

Sophisticated Built-In Bookshelf

built-in-bookshelves-ideas-for-your-home-decor-26-554x698Image Credit: Bored Panda

Such a style and grace.This magnificent built-in bookshelf stuns and makes quite a statement in this calm and neutral space. The beige color scheme, the black accents and on top of it the lights, make this bookshelf super appealing and really breathtaking.

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