15 Adorable Girl’s Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Creating a girl’s bedroom is a really fun and creative process that includes a lot of pink and adorable decorative elements. Girls have a really unique and tender nature, and due to their nature their bedroom should reflect that exact energy. A girl’s bedroom is her territory, her place and kingdom, a place where she can be herself. You as a parent, will surely like to create the perfect bedroom for your little girl. Good thing about creating the perfect girl’s bedroom is that girls usually know what they want, therefore you should just follow their guide and create a super stylish and adorable, girly bedroom. We have found a bunch of interesting girl’s bedroom design ideas, that could inspire you and give you some creative ideas. Take a look at the list below and enjoy!



Beautiful Girly Bedroom

Beautiful Girly BedroomImage Credit: Channel4

This girl’s bedroom looks absolutely astonishing and its overall appearance is merely dreamy and fairy tale alike. The  ceiling mural of a cloudy sky adds a special dreamy effect in the place and in combination with the  pattern rich decorative palette, neutral color scheme and cute pink details, this girly bedroom has attained the overall soft and tender outlook.


Beautiful Pink Girl’s Bedroom

Beautiful Pink Girl's BedroomImage Credit: Top 10 Design

Pink Power! It is a well known fact, that pink is the essential color for girl’s bedroom. Naturally, girls identify with this color and this girly color is perfect for a girl’s bedroom. You can notice the stylish and fabulous ambiance that dominates in this bedroom due to the  cute Hello Kitty bed and adorable pink decorative elements.


Beautiful Shared Girl’s Bedroom

Beautiful Shared Girl's BedroomImage Credit: Jeremy Kalin

We absolutely love the fresh and sharp energy that prevails in this shared girl’s bedroom. The bold red striped wallpaper sets a really classy and vibrant ambiance in the place, and the bunk beds with a smart storage solution provide the room with organized and neat appearance. Well Done!


Charming Shared Girl’s Bedroom

Charming Shared Girl's BedroomImage Credit:66us

The ambiance in this girly bedroom is  simply delightful. The romantic country theme works for shared girl’s bedroom and it is perfectly applied in this charming bedroom. The cute canopy curtains add a nice charming effect in the place and the plaid pink quilts break through the plain white appearance and provide the room with vibrant and perky note.


Cute Girl’s Bedroom

Cute Girls BedroomImage Credit: House Beautiful 

We love the color scheme in this super stylish bedroom and its flawless arrangement. The dark brown wall in combination with the beautiful pink curtains create a dynamic and lively ambiance in the place. The  floral artwork above the bed works as a focal point and provide the place with nice artsy appearance.


Dazzling Girl’s Bedroom

Dazzling Girl's BedroomImage Credit: Hgtv

How soft and lovely is this girly bedroom, right? The main charmer in this girly bedroom is the beautiful canopy bed with amazing pink canopy curtain. The pink wooden panel strikes on the floral wallpaper and creates an amazing backdrop in this soft and girly bedroom.


Fabulous Girl’s Bedroom

Fabolous Girl's BedroomImage Credit:elgazzo

Talking about fancy style and dramatic appearance, right? What more can we tell about this bedroom, then this is a literally a  perfect girly bedroom, decorated with super bold and stylish taste of style. Simply Amazing!


Fancy Pink Girl’s Bedroom

Fancy Pink Girl's BedroomImage Credit: elgazzo

This bedroom is a great archetype for a Girly Bedroom. The pastel pink as a dominant color creates super soft and lively ambiance in the interior. We especially love the brick wall that add a nice element in the bedroom and provides the room with modern note.


Fun Purple Girl’s Bedroom

Fun Purple Girl's BedroomImage Credit: Wayfair

This is a super interesting girly bedroom. The bunk bed  with an additional slide is surely the main charmer in the  interior and creates a super fun and playful ambiance in the purple divine.


Imaginative Pink Girl’s Bedroom

Imaginative Pink Girl;s BedroomImage Credit: House To Home

This lively bedroom most likely reminds to an interior of some fairy tale, it looks absolutely imaginative, vibrant and fun. This is how you decorate a girl’s bedroom like a pro. The vivid color scheme, the combination of imaginative decorative elements and a lot of lively patterns provide this girl’s bedroom with ecstatic and amazing appearance.


Trendy Girl’s Bedroom

Trendy Girl's BedroomImage Credit: Ikea

This spacious girly bedroom is super stylish and fancy. How cool is the illuminated polka dotted wall, right? The minimalist setting in the bedroom provides the interior with the modern, perky and vibrant ambiance.


Pink and Green Girl’s Bedroom

Pink and Green Girl's BedroomImage Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

The perfect mix of hot pink and lively green in combination with a colorful artwork on the wall has provided this girly bedroom with  super stylish appearance and lively ambiance.


Luxurious Girl’s Bedroom

Luxurious Girl's BedroomImage Credit: Design Kastle

Here is a bedroom for princesses. This splendid girly bedroom is decorated with an immense amount of glamorous and sophisticated taste of style and looks utterly amazing.


Lovely Blue Girl’s Bedroom

Lovely Blue Girl's BedroomImage Credit: Home Designing

We choose this perky bedroom as a favorite among the list. The pastel blue wall, broken through with vibrant yellow butterfly artwork works as a focal point in the place and draw the attention to the amazing bed with tufted white headboard.


Lively Girl’s Bedroom

Lively Girl's BedroomImage Credit: Hgtv

We love the colorful statement wall and the fun geometric print on the pink comforter. This girly bedroom looks super modern and lively.


Colorful Dining Room

colorful-dining-chairsImage Credit: Home Decorelite

The colorful dining chairs create an interesting and lively ambiance in this eclectic light dining room.

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