How to Decorate with Metallics – 10 Tips to Add Instant Glam Into Your Home

If you are following the latest interior design trends, than you must have heard that decorating with metallic accents is the ‘it’ decor. Metallic accents bring such a glam and up to date appeal to any given space, and embellish it in the most catchy, and at the same time elegant way possible. When decorating with metallics, you should follow the rule less is more, which means that just a few metallic details or a single metallic accent will do the job just perfect, because the metallic decor is too striking and attention grabber, so if you over do it, it will overwhelm the space. We have searched and collected some very stylish and statement interiors complemented with metallic accents, and we decided to share it with you in the form of a list of 9 tips to add instant glam into your home. Just continue reading and follow our advice to transform your home into stylish, super modern and sophisticated one. Enjoy!

The Beauty Is In The Details

c10e36e9832d41b3516c434569e8e0edImage Credit: Styled by Sasha

The best way to decorate with metallics is to smartly add a couple of metallic decorative pieces and to balance them in the space, in order to create a sophisticated, stylish setting that makes a strong statement.

Go Big

gold-metallic-walls-decorating-living-room-decor-grasscloth-wallpaper-elegant-home Image Credit: Design Your Wall

If you have an extravagant taste, and you like to impress with your interior, that we suggest you try doing your walls into a metallic shade. Adding a texture to the walls will calm their impact, and make it look deep, luxurious and very stylish.

Small Things with Large Impact

52ba4dac6538195eddb2afb1c29d48bdImage Credit: House Beautiful

Do not be afraid to mix golden and silver metallics, but do it in very small amounts. Take a look at the incredible mix of silver pouf with discreet golden side table and the gorgeous throw pillow with golden stripes. Very elegant and stylish.

Heat Things Up

14d43f4ec3e3a52168c79a0c24d4240f31c233ceImage Credit: Decoist

Installing a metallic fireplace will make quite a statement, since it will heat the space up and make it an illuminate spot of the room. It will provide the room with a glamorous, elegant appeal.

Ultimate Elegance

15-Metallic-Interior-Inspirations-To-Make-Your-Home-Glamorous-2Image Credit: Impressive Interior Design

We may haven’t seen a coffee table more elegant that this metallic one. Its sleek, smooth and super sophisticated design is more the enough to embellish the setting, grab attention and add a doze of luxurious appeal.

Profound Dining Look

0ebd198d341ebad8cf3b7ecb63e3d0c9Image Credit: Muse Interiors

Amazing set of dining chairs with profound and elegant metallic design, that display a sophisticated look and have a very stylish impact on the space. Choose metallic dining set if you like to have an extraordinary dining expirience in your own home.

Glamorous Culinary Spots

the-shiny-kitchen-metal-decor-for-your-culinary-space-1515-Metallic-Interior-Inspirations-To-Make-Your-Home-Glamorous-14Image Credit: Houzz

It would be an easy job to style your kitchen with metallics, since it will blend in with the kitchen utilities and create a perfect, elegant and sophisticated whole to impress. Take a look at this two metallic kitchen designs and get inspired.

Breathtaking Designer Pieces

dixonlampImage Credit: Tom Dixon

Treat yourself with a designer piece of accessory that will add a doze of luxury and glam into your home. For example, this best seller cooper shade lightning by Tom Dixon, that is an extraordinary metallic detail into your home, more than enough to make it unforgettably gorgeous.

Style Up The Hallway

nineteenImage Credit: Cascadecoil

Play with forms and shapes when decorating your hallway with metallics, since this is somewhat dull spot of the home, so make it everything but one. Add glam and style by following this example above.

Glam Bathroom

15-Metallic-Interior-Inspirations-To-Make-Your-Home-Glamorous-8Image Credit: Houzz

The bathroom can be a very glamorous spot, if you decide to embellish its design with metallic accents. Just check out hos luxurious and sophisticated does this bathroom look, with textured shiny tiles and illuminate floor. Just amazing!



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