15 Amazing Black and White Interior Design Ideas

The pureness of the white and the mystery of the black make the incredibly perfect combination, known as its majesty – the black and white. Isn’t it amazing how modern this combination can get, and at the same time it is so evergreen and a simple classic. The light and the dark and their contrast are on top of every designer’s list and naturally, the interior designers are not an exception. This monochrome color palette can be a striking scheme for all kinds of interior designs, but in modern and contemporary ones is just outstanding. You can never go wrong with all black and white in one of your rooms, or maybe even in the whole house or apartment. The most interesting part about B&W is that it offers you a limitless combination with details in any other color that you choose, so that means you can not put your imagination on hold.  Inspired with this funky-cool-timeless-fierce combination, we present you some incredible modern and even some classic ideas for each and every corner of your home, for your living room, the dining room, bedroom, hall, toilet as well, and can you imagine, yes, even the children’s room! Lean back and enjoy!


Beautiful Contemporary Black&White Living Room

contemporaryImage Credit: Jeremy Kalin

Even though black is the dominating color in this modern and minimalist living room, the room itself does not seem dark at all. The spacious windows give the light needed to stress the elegance and the incredible design of the room elements. And the black brick wall ? Astonishing.


  Vibrant Black&White Living Room

18-interior-design-ideasImage Credit: Top Dreamer

This super-cool and super-cozy living room radiates with youthful spirit and a dynamic life. Not a single color more added, and yet, it isn’t boring and lifeless at all. The exact opposite thing.


Modern Black&White Living Room

livingImage Credit: iWoman

This is the perfect example of how the details can make the impression. The wooden floor gives the monochrome room warmth, and the abstract blue painting on the wall and the single electric blue pillow are just the perfect pinch of color.


Lovely Traditional Black&White Living Room

traditional Image Credit: Digs Digs

Very interesting blend of traditional and modern. The room looks traditional, but it is very modern at the same time. The striped rug and the pillows give a contemporary shine to this eclectic monochrome room. Feels nice and delightful.


Modern Minimalist Black&White Dining Room

modern-minimalist-dining-room-interior-decorating-ideasImage Credit: Decorazilla

Super-modern dining room. Outstandanding contemporary glass table and unique chairs. This room is the perfect example of how less can sometimes be more.


Striking Black&White Dining Room

Black-And-White-Contemporary-Dining-Room-IdeasImage Credit:  Modern Home Design

This imposing dining room is elegant and simply wonderful. Even though with a lot of details and patterns, still looks very clear. The chairs are ecstatic.


Amazing Black&White Bedroom

chic-apartment-decorated-with-black-and-white-interior-elegant-classic-white-interior-design-ideasImage Credit: 66us

This woman’s act on the wall is keeping all the attention for itself, so we couldn’t concentrate on the chandelier and the patterned curtains and pillows at first. But at second, we realized that this room is thought-provoking and screams elegance, with a dose of mystery and flirt. Brilliant and captivating.


Cool Minimalist Black&White Bedroom

modern elegant bedroomImage Credit: Freshome

The lack of details and color in this clear minimalist bedroom is compensated with an interesting colorful rug. The lights are amazing. The view as well.


Artistic Black&White Bedroom


Image Credit: Martha Stewart

Wow! This is outstanding. The vigorous mix from elegance, art, darkness and light, good and bad, is blowing our minds. Not the regular bedroom, but an exceptional one.


Vibrant Black&White Children’s Room

20-black-and-white-kids-room-ideas-12Image Credit: Decoist

Who says children’s rooms must be in living colors? Yet another example of the monochrome vibrancy, with grey included .This is such a cute and cheerful room.


Interesting Black&White Children’s Room

7b-unisex-boys-girls-kids-room-childrens-bedroom-childs-black-white-blackboard-chalkboard-paint Image Credit: Houzz

The lively pillows in strong colors give this room joy and energy. The blackboard with imitation of children’s houses painting is just adorable.


Interesting Black&White Striped Hallway

hallway Image Credit: Home Design Lover

Quite interesting and lively hallway, The stripes are all over the place and it looks fantastic. Accompanied with the (also striped and) turquoise chandelier and the photographs on the wall, this hallway looks cool and funky.


Beautiful Black&White Hallway

hallway b

Image Credit: Freshome

Is there a better way to decorate your home entrance than with a spectacular zebra rug? Not really. This hallway looks amazingly elegant and classy.


Modern Black&White Bathroom

Modern-Black-and-White-Bathroom-Design-from-Noken-2Image Credit: Houzz

This bathroom looks exquisite. Come on, there is a chandelier in it. Pure elegance and class.


Beautiful Black&White Bathroom

traditional-black-and-white-bathroom-24Image Credit: Hgtv

Simple and traditional, yet very catchy black and white bathroom. The black and white squared floor is a complete jack pot in making the bathroom exceptional.


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  1. I would just be careful with “High Contrasts”. They have the tendency to make your eyes blink, and give you a headache. Than you have to remember that someone must live in those. From my point of view it is way too stiff, too controlled, too staged… Things must have a reason, not just an accessory to fill a void.

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