15 Inspiring Living Room Interior Design Ideas

The moment you will choose a specific interior style for your living room, you will know that your living space will get a specific identity and its own personal story. In general, the design in the living room interior should utterly reflect your interests in life, things that you find astonishing and foremost the living room should be the mirror of your inner energy and your personal taste. The spectrum of living room interior styles is quite huge and widely creative.There is no need to speak how subjective term is perception of each interior style, since you already know that. However, we decided to make a round up of different living room interior design ideas in order to shake up your imagination and motivate you to choose your own favorite style.

Art Deco Living Room

Art Deco Living RoomImage Credit: james Rixner

Art-Deco is the interior style for the haute couture people, i.e people who enjoy the sophisticated and high end decor with a distinctive and highly profound uniqueness. This style includes undertone color scheme, sculptural sleekness and sumptumous and opulent appearance.


Vintage Living Room Design

Vintage Living Room DesignImage Credit: Modern Interior

Nostalgic souls from all over the world, here is the perfect interior style for your living room. Vintage style is perfect fit for the people who still feel fascinated by Sara Key’s world. Vintage interior style features vast of cute patterns such as the floral and plaid, utterly pastel shaded color palette and rustic furniture, it reflects perky and cozy ambiance and it’s perfect for the emotional and romantic souls.


Traditional Living Room

Traditional Living RoomImage Credit: Cdna

Traditional living room is a fit for you if you kind off enjoy the big familly living room with a vast of space, cozy energy and yet modern and contemporary appearance. The traditional living room most often includes neutral color scheme and formal furniture followed by a opulent decorative palette.


Shabby Chic Living Room Design

Shabby Chic Living Room DesignImage Credit: Decoholic

Shabby chic is  a blend of  the country cuteness and contemporary sleekness. This living room style is most commonly perfect for people who enjoy in the cottage inspired living room but yet want to keep a light and bright color scheme of the place. Shabby chic features strictly white or creamy color palette and highly vintage and chic furniture and decorative scheme.


Rustic Living Room Design

Rustic Living Room DesignImage Credit: Home In Tradition

If you feel the most relaxed and the happiest when you are in your cottage living room, why not integrate that rustic style in your own living room. The rustic living room holds the charm of the countryside featuring  strictly natural materials such as wood and stone and has a highly cozy and dreamy ambiance.


Neo Victorian

Neo VictorianImage Credit: Ntt Resuetant Hunt

Neo Victorian interior design is a story for itself. its opulent and sumptuous ambiance and essential burst of splendid vibes cannot be describe with a random epithets. Naturally, this style is perfect for people who enjoy Royalty inspired interiors and want to live in a living room that most likely will feel like was decorated by Marie Antoinette herself.

Nautical Living Room

Nautical Living RoomImage Credit: I Dream Decors

For all of the people who feel deeply in love with the sea and want commonly feel like they are on vacation, here is the perfect interior style for you. Nautical living room design is basically a sea inspired living room, decorated with breezy color palette, natural wood furniture and decorative items inspired from the beach and the sea.


Minimalist Living Room Design

Minimalist Living Room DesignImage Credit: Decosee

If you are one of the people who believe in the motto that Less is More, then without thinking you should choose the Minimalist style for your living room. Minimalist living room includes low key decorative palette, sleek and contemporary furniture and modern color scheme. Usually, minimalist living room reflect vast of vibrant energy and have a slick and outstanding appearance.


Mid Century Living Room Design

Mid Century Living Room DesignImage Credit: Ididi

In case you are a huge fan of the TV Show Mad Man and you are highly inspired of the famous interior style that was popular in the Mid 50 from the last century, then you are perfect candidate for Mid- Century Living room. This interior style features pastel color scheme, soft textures and clean lined furniture.


Feng Shui Inspired Living Room Design

Feng Shui Inspired Living Room DesignImage Credit: Playoad

Well what can we say about this style inspired by the Middle East. Feng Schui living room would be perfect for you if you are fan of the Asian philosophy and way of decor.

Eclectic Living Room Design

Eclectic Living Room DesignImage Credit: I wallpapers

Eclectic living room is the place where striped area rug meet with geometric print pillows and they are pretty good friends, where velvet orange and sea blue are having an affair and where everything does not have quite of random sense but it looks super modern and magnificent.


Country Living Room

Country Living RoomImage Credit: Country Living

Country living room is perfect for people who enjoy cute and adorable interiors merely decorated with nice floral pattern, comfy sofa and super cute pastel color scheme.


Cool Industrial Living Room Design

Cool Industrial Living Room DesignImage Credit: My Decorative

For the progressive people who love raw materials and think that  the interior of the warehouse look kind off cool, the indastrial living room design will be perfect choice.


Chic Living Room Design

Chic Living Room DesignImage Credit:3bp

Chic living room is perfect for you if you are into fashion and you enjoy highly distinctive and sophisticated interior designs.


Bohemian Living Room Design

Bohemian Living Room DesignImage Credit: Locushire

Bohemian Living Room can be describe as the soul of a gypsy singer, it’s colorful and rich, decorated with a lot of decorative elements with different nature, a lot of colors and reflects deeply profound and free spirited ambiance.


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