18 Stylish Home Coffee Stations for All the Coffee Lovers

For the ultimate coffee lovers, who enjoy in freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning and in any other time of the day, there is no need to run to the coffeehouse to get this. Nowadays there are million possibilities to have your own coffee station and to enjoy in this liquid pleasure in the comfort of your own home. Create a coffee spot that fits your kitchen and decorate it the way you want it to be decorated. All you need is a coffee machine, couple of cups, napkins and the rest is your imagination. Decorate with inspirational signs, play with colors and styles and even place cookies in the spot for the pleasure to be to the maximum. Take a look at the super adorable home coffee stations that we found around the web, in order to inspire you in creating the most wonderful and creative coffee station and complement your kitchen. So continue reading and enjoy your fresh coffee!

Vintage Home Coffee Station

home-coffee-station-31 Image Credit: Decoholic

Drinking coffee would be a pure pleasure if you own a colorful French inspired coffee station at home. Its vintage charming accessories and decor are quite impressive and captivating.

Vibrant Home Coffee Station


Image Credit: Arabia

A pure and airy coffee corner would be much more enjoyable and interesting if you get yourself colorful cups, coffee holders and plates. Play with colors for a more vibrant and positive appeal in your kitchen.

Adorable Home Coffee Station

home-coffee-station-26-622x829I Image Credit: White Tull Designs

A pretty lovely and charming home coffee bar, as it says on the chalkboard wall. Place your coffee station next to a chalkboard wall and get your daily coffee with inspiration.

Lovely Rustic Home Coffee Station

home-coffee-station-21-622x932Image Credit: Pinterest

Isn’t this spot adorable? There is nothing cuter than a chic coffee corner with a rustic charm, exquisite coffee cups and mugs and irresistible cookies as the ultimate pleasure makers.

Urban Home Coffee Station

stylish-home-coffee-stations-to-get-inspired-44-554x830Image Credit: Houzz

If you have enough space, allow yourself a truly big, spacious and stylish home coffee station in your kitchen and be prepared to be the favorite person to go to coffee to.

Perky Home Coffee Station

home-coffee-station-9-622x829Image Credit: Digs Digs

The neutral kitchen wall with black and white elements is the perfect backdrop for a coffee station with colorful mugs and cups. Stick to several shades of one color to create balance in the space.

French Country Home Coffee Station

home-coffee-station-12-622x829Image Credit: Joy of Simplicity

Definitely our favorite! This is the perfect French country home coffee station that is every girl coffee lover’s dream. So stylish and so adorable.

Amazing Home Coffee Station

home-coffee-station-14Image Credit: DIY Network

As we mentioned before, a chalkboard wall and a home coffee station in your kitchen is a perfect combo for the ultimate coffee enjoyment.

Rustic Home Coffee Station

home-coffee-station-20-622x829Image Credit: Decoholic

Lovely home coffee station with rustic charm that is super tiny, but still gorgeous looking and pretty welcoming.

Minimalist Home Coffee Station

stylish-home-coffee-stations-to-get-inspired-43Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

A portable coffee station is an excellent choice, since it’s super convenient and you can change its position according to needs. Minimalist design  for a maximum use.

Shabby Chic Home Coffee Station

stylish-home-coffee-stations-to-get-inspired-30Image Credit: Digs Digs

Transform your old and shabby side table into a lovely coffee station by placing it in the kitchen and storing the coffee machine and mugs over there. Flowers will bring extra points and will add a gorgeous appeal to the spot.

Vibrant Home Coffee Station

stylish-home-coffee-stations-to-get-inspired-13-554x616Image Credit: Indulgy

Adding some colors to your home coffee station will also add vibrancy and positive vibe into your day as soon as you finish the morning coffee.

Farmhouse Home Coffee Station

stylish-home-coffee-stations-to-get-inspired-20-554x738Image Credit: The Kitchn

This farmhouse inspired coffee station in neutral colors and materials looks extremely inviting and very charming.

Cheery Home Coffee Station

stylish-home-coffee-stations-to-get-inspired-28-554x779Image Credit: Freckle and Fair

Have a cup of cheer along with your morning cup of coffee into this whimsical home coffee station that radiates with joy and playful energy.

Calm Home Coffee Station

stylish-home-coffee-stations-to-get-inspired-1-554x738Image Credit: Pinterest

A simple and tranquil coffee station will do the job just perfect, and will also fit into your neutral kitchen design tremendously.


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