5 DON’Ts in Decorating the Living Room To Keep In Mind!

Interior Design is not an exact science, and it’s really easy to make mistakes while decorating your apartment. People often make mistakes in order to follow some strict interior trend or over do it with the furniture, decorative items, and accessories. In case you are in the process of creating a new living room, you are on the right place to be.

We gathered the most important Dont’s that you should avoid in order to create a functional and beautiful living room.

Take a look at the list below and try to avoid these crucial mistakes while furnishing your living room.



1. Don’t over-furnish!

1. Don’t over-furnish your room

You don’t actually need all those things that you have imagined squeezing in the room. Remember, less is more, and by following this motto and furnishing the room with the sheer basics you can create a practical and yet aesthetic interior with enough room for energy to flow. The furniture should fill space and create a functional and pleasant ambiance in the room. If you over-furnished the room, the place will look cramped, cluttered and smaller than it actually is. So, tend not to over-do the furnishing in the room.

2. Don’t choose white color scheme if you have kids or pets


White decor surely is beautiful, and looks super appealing, but if you live with small children or with pets, you can say goodbye to your new white upholstered sofa or your white shag rug. Because, it is a fact, kids spill things and pets chew on things. So, it would be only smart to choose a more neutral color scheme, in order to keep the interior clean and appealing.



3. Don’t underestimate the power of natural light

3. Don't Clutter the space

A well-lighted interior is a well-decorated interior, so ignoring a window or glass door solution, can be crucial for the basic ambiance in the room. Wide windows, glass doors, skylight or a glass wall are a great way to provide the interior with natural sunlight and, therefore, to bring a relaxing, natural and charming mood in the place. Natural sunlight in the room will definitely soothe the heavy energy and is perfect in terms of a good energy flow in the interior.


4. Don’t use poor lighting

4. Don’t use poor lighting

Don’t use poor lighting. As we mention above, the lighting is one of the very essentials in the interior. The artificial lighting is as important as the natural sunlight, since, during the night time, you need the well-illuminated room that will reflect elegant and modern ambiance. Additional lamps, sconces or ceiling fixture will not hurt anybody, so don’t hesitate to add as much as you can.


5. Don’t pick the furniture before you ‘ve picked the painting

5. Don’t pick the fruniture before you ve picked the painting


It would be only smart to first choose the paint color for the walls, then the color of the furniture. When you have chosen the appropriate paint color for the wall you can easily choose the furniture that will complement the wall and the color scheme in the room, which will not work vice versa.


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