9 Most Creative and Unique Christmas Stockings Ideas

The Christmas stockings are an adorable decoration during the festive season. They have a long tradition and are mentioned in many interesting legends about Christmas. They bring the most cozy, inviting and welcoming appeal to your holiday home decor, and trasform your room into the warmest, most pleasant and lovely spot. Their usual place is above the fireplace, but why not unsleash your creativity and to be unique with this year’s Chtistmas stockings? Not only that their look can vary in million different ways, but they can also be put wherever you wish for, in just about every single corner of your home. Christmas stockings will definitely bring joy and cheer to your home, and will bring smile to your face, making this holiday the most special of them all. We have collected some of the most creative ways to decotrate with stockings this season for you to check them out, and to get inspired into embellishing your home in a lovely, fun and unique way. Take a look at the list below and enjoy!

Traditional Christmas Stockings above the Fireplace

christmas-stockings-and-ideas-to-use-them-for-decor-26Image Credit: Southern Living

The stockings placed above the fireplace hanging on the mantel is the picture perfect during the Christmas season. It creates such a warm, pleasant and cozy image, that is so very hard to resist.

Amazing Table Christmas Stockings

christmas-stockings-and-ideas-to-use-them-for-decor-9-554x675Image Credit: Mid West Living

This is a very cute way of complementing your Christmas table, placing the cutlery into super lovely knitted red and white stockings. This will bring an adorable charm to your holiday meal and also smile to everybody’s faces.

Christmas Stockings Wreath

christmas-stockings-and-ideas-to-use-them-for-decor-10Image Credit: The Wow Style

You can hang the stockings on the front door, to welcome everybody who enters your home in a very unique and interesting way. Instead of a traditional Christmas wreath, surpise with a creative front door decor this holiday season.

Cheerful and Fun Christmas Stockings

christmas-stockings-and-ideas-to-use-them-for-decor-14Image Credit: Pinterest

These very unique and adorable Christmas stockings that look like elf’s socks are too cute for words. With their interesting and catchy design they liven up this staircase and bring festive ambiance into the hallway.

Christmas Cards with Christmas Stockings

christmas-stockings-and-ideas-to-use-them-for-decor-19Image Credit: Menina do Laco

This personalized Christmas card wishes you happy holidays in a very unique and adorable way. If you are feeling crafty this holiday season, get yourself inspired and make one of a kind Christmas cards with cute stockings decor.

Shabby Chic Christmas Stockings

christmas-stockings-and-ideas-to-use-them-for-decor-24-554x742Image Credit: Peek You

This stockings with different design hanged on a coat rack bring a shabby chic touch into this spot. With their elegant and graceful appeal, they complement their surrounding and bring festive decor to a whole different level.

Adorable Christmas Stockings

christmas-stockings-and-ideas-to-use-them-for-decor-27Image Credit : Digs Digs

How adorable are this super tiny knitted stockings into this small glasses? They are filled with cutlery and a candy cane, and look like the perfect treat for your youngest guests this Christmas.

Rustic Lenen Christmas Stocking

christmas-stockings-and-ideas-to-use-them-for-decor-28-554x782Image Credit: My Home Designs

A big lenen stocking with rustic decor is the perfect accesorry for your outdoor Christmas porch this season. Hang it on the fence, on the sledge or anywhere you like, it will definitely look amazing just about everywhere.

Cheerful Christmas Stockings

christmas-stockings-and-ideas-to-use-them-for-decor-36Image Credit: Pop Sugar

Stockings with Christmas motifs hanged on snowflake hangers are way too adorable decor for every single spot in your home. They bring joyful and festive spirit just by looking at them.

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